BikiniBOD - The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula™

Exclusively designed to support a healthy metabolism, help suppress appetite and assist in your weight management goals, in addition to providing some of the finest beauty-enhancing ingredients available. Your purchase of BikiniBOD The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula™ comes complete with: 

  • FREE Downloadable 28-Day BikiniBod Blueprint eBook program designed to help you achieve that bikini-ready look in just 28 days!
  • FREE Downloadable Monthly Nutrition Plan, written by our Nutritional Consultant
  • LIFETIME support via our invite-only exclusive Facebook group chat with direct access to our BikiniBOD coaches and community.
  • Love It or Your Order is on Us! - 90 Day Money Back Guaranteed

How to use

Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach 15-30 minutes before your first meal. One additional capsule may be taken 5-6 hours later. Do NOT exceed 3 capsules per day and drink plenty of water.

* If you are caffeine sensitive we suggest splitting the capsule when starting BikiniBOD.


Made in California with natural active ingredients, BikiniBOD The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula™ is 100% Vegan, Non-GMO.

Each 60-count bottle (30-Day supply) and all active ingredients in their clinically efficacious dosages


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BikiniBOD Before & After


"Without a doubt, BikiniBOD has made my dieting easier by taking the edge off the hunger that came with my diet and lifestyle changes. I was excited to see that it also helps curb my fatigue! I have a much easier time powering through workouts. Now I don't feel drained for the rest of the day after an early morning workout."

How The BikiniBOD Formula Works


Curbs Cravings

Suppresses your appetite by moderating the circulation of hunger hormones, leading to less snacking and lighter meals.

Curbs Cravings
Burns More Fat And Calories

Burns More Fat and Calories

Yohimbe, raspberry ketones and caffeine work in unison to boost your daily metabolic rate, leading to higher calorie and stubborn fat burn, whether or not you exercise.


Blocks New Fat

Green coffee bean halts fat breakdown and absorption in the small intestine, while garcinia cambogia prevents carbohydrates from converting to fats.

Blocks New Fat
Banishes Bloat

Banishes Bloat

Uva ursi goes to work as a diuretic, expelling excess water from under your skin and pushing it out through the kidneys, relieving unflattering and uncomfortable bloat.


Gets You Glowing

Biotin nurtures the strength and growth of your hair, skin and nails. Nourishing berry blend’s antioxidants fight harmful free radicals. Green tea’s anti-aging properties keep you youthful and radiant.

Gets You Glowing

BikiniBod targets...

BikiniBod Targets

The Results: Uncovering a Toned Hourglass

BikiniBOD’s holistic ingredient profile works in unison to help you shrink trouble areas and accentuate the leanest and most youthful curves possible – your true hourglass - by targeting the most stubborn fat, boosting metabolism, eliminating bloating and preventing new weight gain.

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