Concerned About Caffeine? This Post Is for You!

by Christie Cash April 02, 2015

Concerned About Caffeine? This Post Is for You!

Hey there BikiniBOD beauties!

So we get a lot of questions here about our product, fitness, nutrition and beauty and it’s our job to make sure we’re here for your every step of the way, as promised! That said, a common question and concern we get pertains to the “stimulant” aspect of BikiniBOD. This article really aims to speak to those that are new to the world of diet pills and fat burners. Keep in mind, although the active ingredients in BikiniBOD are all-natural, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any stimulant effect.

So if you say YES to any of the following, this information is for you:

  • Have you never taken a fat-burning or diet supplement before?
  • Are you sensitive to caffeine?
  • Do heavy stimulants make you nauseous, unsettled or jittery?
  • ...Or any combination of the above?

If you haven’t read my previous article on what to expect I HIGHLY SUGGEST starting there. Important disclaimer: This article is written merely to inform, not to diagnose any specific condition pre-existing or otherwise. It is highly suggested that you speak with your doctor prior to using any sort of weight loss supplement or program – even our very own BikiniBOD.

So as stated in my earlier piece, the primary ingredients that provide that fat-burning and energizing kick are the Caffeine Anhydrous and Yohimbe Extract. BikiniBOD contains these 2 ingredients in clinically effective dosages to bring optimal calorie and fat burning results. However, just because ingredients are effective in clinical trials does not mean they’re going to FEEL the same to every human being on the planet.

If you’re nervous that the potent ingredients in BikniBOD will produce a negative effect, consider the following!

Are you caffeine sensitive? So for all the newbies out there who are not only new to a diet supplement but are also caffeine sensitive, we would exercise the MOST extreme caution before starting. Certainly check with your fav physician to see whether or not you have any other certain risk factors that may have an impact on you as a result of taking BikiniBOD. This particular group should use the following regimen that does NOT coincide with our published suggested use (after Doctor approval and assuming you are not on blood pressure, heart or other related prescription medications):

  1. Start with a HALF a pill dosage ONCE a day for the first 2 weeks (split the capsule as described in the video below by our own HR Director and BikiniBOD Babe Divina Carlson.)
  2. Take the half pill right AFTER a meal with a full 16-oz glass of water.

Taking half the starting dose after a meal will “soften” the impact and hopefully you will be getting all the great benefits that your body can tolerate. If after 2 weeks you think you can tolerate a second HALF dose in the afternoon, go ahead and do so (which will add up to one full pill per day) for the next few weeks. Once your body really starts getting acclimated to BikiniBOD with this dosing schedule, you can eventually take as directed.

If you are NOT caffeine sensitive and your body can tolerate caffeine (normal 2-cups-a-day coffee drinker), go ahead and take exactly as directed. Directions for starting: Take 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach (at least 15 min or so before your breakfast or first meal), with a FULL 16-oz glass of water. If your tolerance allows, go ahead and take your 2nd pill of the day again on an empty stomach (2 hours or so after your lunch) again with a FULL glass of water.

Have you taken stimulants before and they made you sick or nauseous? If this is the case, we would suggest following the “newbie” regimen above as well. Taking BikiniBOD on a lower dosage and full stomach can potentially ease any digestive issues. Once your body starts getting acclimated, you can slowly start upping your dosage, but we would still suggest taking BikiniBOD on a full stomach if this section describes you!

Everybody is different so although we are confident the above suggestions will work, they will not work necessarily for everyone. It is important that you move slowly and moderately when it comes to dosages especially when it comes to those users who are caffeine sensitive.

Have any other questions? Please ask us - we’re here to help! Feel free to post below as we monitor our blog every day.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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