Hair, Skin and Nail Treatments You Should Add to Your Shopping List

by Christie Cash April 20, 2015

Hair, Skin and Nail Treatments You Should Add to Your Shopping List

Lotions, potions, and creams – who needs ‘em? Sometimes the best nourishment and conditioners can be found in the produce aisle. SOME you’ll find in the cooking and baking aisle.

Instead of pursuing harsh chemicals and potentially hazardous procedures, focus on natural methods for adding a dramatic dose of radiance to your hair, skin and nails.

Eat …

Unfortunately, though there are some treatments that can improve the external appearance of your hair, skin, and nails, chemicals and other magic creams cannot undo or fix any damage that’s already there.

In order to correct any beauty problems, it’s worthwhile to start looking at your skin, hair, and nail health from within. Start by adding these excellent foods to your diet.

  • Blueberries: The U.S. Department of Agriculture ranks blueberries as the number-one berry for antioxidant activity, and antioxidants are one of the most important ingredients for external beauty. They protect your skin from the effects of early aging and help to keep your hair and nails strong and healthy.
  • Spinach: Leafy greens of all kinds are great for your health, but spinach is especially good for boosting your overall glow. Lutein, a prime ingredient in spinach, helps to keep the whites of your eyes healthy and bright. It’s also full of vitamins and calcium that help to keep your nails, skin, and hair strong and shielded from the elements.
  • Salmon: Fish in general is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary to keep your skin supple and moisturized. The fish that offers the most beauty benefits is salmon. There are also vitamins and minerals in salmon that protect your skin from sun exposure and keep your bones, nails, and teeth strong and healthy.
  • Oysters: In order for your hair, skin, and nails to be all they can be, you need zinc, which helps to repair cells. Oysters are loaded with zinc, and these little shellfish are a tasty way to get all of those nutrients.
  • Dark chocolate: It’s okay to indulge in a delicious treat every now and then, especially if said delicious treat is dark chocolate! Not only is this bittersweet treat good for your blood pressure, but it’s also good for helping to keep skin hydrated and protecting it from sun damage. Plus, contrary to the old and still widespread myth, dark chocolate doesn’t cause acne.
  • Kiwi: The delicious flesh of this fuzzy brown fruit is loaded with both antioxidants and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to prevent wrinkles, acne, and split ends, and strengthens nails, teeth, and bones. As an added bonus, this little green fruit offers extra protection from cancer and heart disease.
  • Walnuts: Just one handful of walnuts will help to curb most snack cravings as well as supply your daily doses of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. The result is smoother skin, healthier hair, brighter eyes, and stronger nails.

Hydrate with …

Protecting your skin, hair, and nails from the inside is important, but it’s not everything. Sometimes a good external treatment is just the thing to enhance overall beauty. Try these natural alternatives to chemical cleansers and moisturizers that make exceptional external treatments for hair and skin.

  • Grapeseed oil: Use a small amount of grapeseed oil and rub it all over your skin after a shower to help prevent dry spots. Or pour a couple teaspoons into your bathwater and hop in for some relaxing and skin-rejuvenating benefits.
  • Coconut oil: is extremely beneficial for your hair. It adds moisture without weighing it down. Try mixing mayonnaise and coconut oil for a homemade deep-conditioning mask that’s great for either your hair or your skin. Additionally, coconut oil is a crazily effective fungicide! If your nails are afflicted with a fungal infection, rub coconut oil on and around the affected area, and add a little coconut oil to your diet. You should see results (darkening of the area as well as restoration to the nail) within one application.
  • Honey and lemon: Create a concoction of honey (agave works, too) and lemon for a deeply hydrating conditioning mask for skin or hair. Throw in some cooked rice for exfoliation if your skin is feeling particularly rough.
  • Beeswax: Did you know that many lip balms will actually dry out the skin on your lips more than they’ll hydrate them? Thankfully, natural beeswax is great for restoring moisture to your kisser. Begin by exfoliating your lips with a clean toothbrush to remove dead and flaking skin, then slather them in beeswax for softer, more kissable lips.
  • Gelatin: This ingredient isn’t only useful for puddings or jams. Whether ingested or applied in a conditioning mask, gelatin is a surprisingly helpful ingredient for skin, hair, and nail growth.

Avoid …

You could be doing everything right regarding your diet and external treatments, but if you indulge in just one unhealthy practice, you risk ruining the whole operation! So, for your overall health and beauty, stay away from the following:

  • Lack of sleep: “Beauty sleep” is actually a real thing. Adequate sleep is an essential part of revitalizing your appearance. While you sleep, the cells in your skin, hair, and nails go into repair mode. Without enough sleep, you can begin to develop bags under your eyes, wrinkles, dryer skin, and more brittle hair and nails.
  • The elements, especially the sun: You can probably hear your grandmother’s voice telling you to bundle up or you’ll catch a cold. The jury’s still out on whether cold weather can actually make you sick, but it can definitely damage your skin. Cold, dry air sucks moisture from your exposed surfaces. When it’s cold out, don your coat, hat, scarves, and gloves to protect as much of your skin and hair as possible. The sun is also harsh on your skin and hair, as it bleaches your hair, and makes it dry and brittle. Similarly, a tan may look great, but it actually contributes to early aging and skin cancer. When you go out in the summer, wear a sunscreen with high SPF.
  • Harsh Chemicals: Many moisturizers and conditioners are loaded with chemicals that actually strip essential nutrients from your skin and hair. Look instead for moisturizers with natural ingredients, and limit washing your hair to a few times a week rather than every day to preserve the natural oils and nutrients intact.
  • Long, hot showers: These may help to relax your muscles, but they’re terrible for your skin. Extended exposure to hot water strips moisture from hair, skin, and nails, and leaves them dry and brittle.

Every health expert will agree that natural methods of caring for your body are the best possible way to maintain a healthy glow. Next time you’re out shopping, pick up a few items on this list to try some of our tips, and watch how quickly your skin, nails, and hair begin to improve!

For more information about natural supplements that can improve beauty, visit our homepage.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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