My name is Christie Ku. I am the Co-founder and Chief Ambassador of BikiniBOD. Health and wellness has been a part of me as long as I can remember. As Co-founder of BikiniBOD, I truly aimed to build an organization and community that would help as many women as possible achieve their fitness and beauty goals.     

2.  How have you evolved since starting BikiniBOD?

BikiniBOD has really been such a beautiful experience. Knowing that our team gets to be a part of a woman's journey to reaching her goals has been an unforgettable ride. BikiniBOD has grown throughout these past 2 years in many ways. We have a tight-knit BikiniBOD community that feels more like family. 
As far as how I evolved from being on this journey, I would say there has been a lot of growth, up and downs, trial and errors, but most importantly, a contribution to society knowing that the team and I are creating a space for women to feel really great about themselves.
P.S- we have another excellent product coming out shortly! Can’t wait to announce it!

3.    Why “For Women, By Women”?

Well, that’s just it... the name backs up who we are as a company. We have used this slogan from the start of BikiniBOD. As women ourselves, we wanted to create something that we would be excited about when our most favorite product was created (The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula). 

4. What do you love most about the Ultimate Beauty Body Formula?

First and foremost, I love our packaging. It's clean and beautiful and specifically designed for a woman. The exterior of the bottle is cohesive to our actual capsules. We created a product that was vegan, soy-free, and non-GMO as well as added a beauty element into each capsule. As someone who has always taken supplements, it was important that we added that beauty element into it to really give a woman more than just one benefit to taking our product. This is a premium product that anyone can get excited about!

5. How do you like to stay active?


You know, it’s so funny, I’ve made the transition from being a hands-on personal trainer to now spending hours on the computer. To be honest, I feel relatable to our BikiniBOD community more than ever, I empathize with the everyday woman who has a hard time squeezing in that gym session. Life gets busy with work these days. However, I make a point to take care of my body, as this is the only one I have. Thankfully BikiniBOD gives me the tools I need to get by with endless resources of Ebooks (click the image above), monthly nutrition plans, and of course my secret weapon/go to supplement; The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula. 

6. What’s your go-to snack right now?

Chips and Salsa! Wait did I just say that out loud? Kidding well kind of, I do love this as my cheat snack, hence the reason we need to reveal our next product soon!!!!! If you love your snacks, you are going to LOVEEEE this product!
On a serious note, I pack almonds with me wherever I go as a snack, so I don’t make bad choices. They are an excellent source of protein, and the snack sizes are perfect for your car, purse, or wherever you go!

7. Where is the future of BikiniBOD headed? 

You will have to stay tuned in and plugged into our weekly newsletters! One thing I can say is that my team and I are excited to share the new things that are in store!