The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

by Jordan Taffet July 12, 2016 2 Comments

The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

Let's face it: every girl loves to know more about their zodiac sign. What does it say about me? Are Aries' good kissers? What will July look like for me? We know you can't resist when it pops up in your email, when your friend shares a link on Facebook, or when you are flipping through Glamour

Have you ever wondered how your zodiac sign affects the way you workout? We've got the scoop on the best workout based on your sign and how to make the most out of your sweat sesh (after you've taken your Ultimate Beauty Body Formula- of course). 

Aquarius (January 21st- February 19th)

Aquarius' are known to be free-spirited, honest, loyal, and highly intelligent. Workout: choose a total body conditioning class or a martial arts class so that you don't get bored. Switching it up is a must! 

Sagittarius (November 23rd-December 22nd)

Sagittarius' are known to be intense, happy, popular, and rich. Workout: choose something that is team-oriented, a zumba class, or a swim group. People interaction is crucial, so choose a workout that surrounds you with others! 

Libra (September 24th-October 23rd)

Libra's are known to be balanced, stable, wicked, and arrogant. Workout: choose a yoga or meditation class. Since balance is important and sometimes your mind can get the best of you, use your workout as a time to quiet the mind. 

Leo (July 23rd-August 21st)

Leo's are known to be stubborn, strong, independent, and famous. Workout: choose a workout that gives you that much desired alone time such as running or hiking. Take time to reflect and simply be by yourself. 

Gemini (May 22nd-June 21st)

Gemini's are known to be polite, lacking originality, critical, and shy. Workout: choose a workout that puts you on a plan, or a super-set based workout. Since you are not likely to try new things on your own, choose a workout that is laid out for you and easy to follow. 

Aires (March 21st-April 20th)

Aires' are known to be independent, friendly, leaders, and go-getters. Workout: if at all possible- choose to lead the workout. Become a spin instructor or lead your local hike club. Since you love to be the leader of the pack- use your workout as an excuse to help others get faster and stronger!

Taurus (April 21st-May 21st)

Taurus' are known to be clever, self-confident, sociable, and original. Workout: choose a workout that allows you to be with others and that is enjoyable for you, such as a pilates class. Typically yoga is not recommended, as you are sensitive to smell. 

Cancer (June 22nd-July 22nd)

Cancer's tend to be independent, wealthy, travel junkies, and somewhat harsh. Workout: choose a workout that doesn't allow to be bored, such as hiking, swimming, or a workout with resistance bands. As long as you are switching it up, you are good to go (and a workout in nature is a plus)!

Virgo (August 22nd-September 23rd)

Virgo's tend to be creative, delicate, and simple. Workout: choose a workout that surrounds you with like-minded people, such as a partner-based workout. Long walks are always a go-to! 

Scorpio (October 24th-November 22nd)

Scorpio's tend to be bold, secretive, adventurous, and argumentative. Workout: choose a workout that channels your inner adventurer, such as scuba diving or golfing. You love to try new things so use your workout as an excuse to sweat in new and innovative ways!

Capricorn (December 23rd-January 22nd)

Capricorn's tend to be active, pushable, witty, and firm. Workout: choose a workout that really challenges your abilities, such as, weightlifting or joining a competitive team. You love to exceed at what you do so go all out!

Pisces (February 20th-March 20th)

Pisces' tend to be honest, religious, loved by women, unselfish, and peaceful. Workout: choose a workout that allows you to be surrounded by like-minded women such as a barre class or zumba. Everyone loves you so choose a workout that is fun and allows you to interact with all your gym besties! 

 Make the most out of your workouts by working with your body and mind. If you enjoy your sweat sash, you are likely to do it willingly and often. Find what works for you and go kill it!



Jordan Taffet
Jordan Taffet


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May 22, 2017

Great info. Thanks for this challenge.


May 11, 2017

I love Zumba -Gemini

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