Single In Your 30's? Read This.

by Christie Cash April 17, 2017

Single In Your 30's? Read This.

Our 30's is when, as women, we start to panic about having a family, having children, and we feel our "internal clock" counting down. We may also feel the societal pressure to already have had your first kid, to be pregnant with #2 and to be living in your white-picket-fence house. However, if you are 30, single, and perfectly whole, these healthy reminders are for you. 

Nothing Is Wrong With You

Don't let societal norms make you feel that your choices are wrong. You are not too damaged, incapable of finding love, crazy (ok, maybe a little), or lacking. Now that we've got that out there, let's focus on some of the positive reminders: 

    • You don't have to share a bed
    • You can wear whatever you want
      • Sweatpants, hair tie, chillin' with no makeup on...
    • Unlimited girl time 
      • Join our community of likeminded women now! 
    • You can eat dessert without sharing 
    • In-laws? No thank you! 
    • You can work on you, for you
      • Try some BikiniBOD to whip that Bod in shape!
    • You can cook/eat what you want
    • Laundry for one
    • You can figure out what you really want in a partner
    • You learn how to be a handy(wo)man
    • Your body still looks killer in a bikini
    • All the closet space 
    • You can focus on your career
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      • You can learn from other's mistakes
      • You can decorate your house the way you want  
      • You can still have children 
      • It's not too late 

      Bottom line: there is not one right way to live life. Being 30+ and single is perfect as long as you're happy. And if you're still looking for that special someone, it's not too late. Everything will happen in due time. 

        Christie Cash
        Christie Cash


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