Jeans that flatter your body type

by Christie Cash November 30, 2018

Jeans that flatter your body type

Jeans can be TOUGH!

Finding a pair that fits both your waist and your legs is one challenge. But then the style could affect how they sit on your body, or the color could make certain areas look bigger than they actually are. Throw in a few trends like embroidery or hem details, and deciding on a new pair of jeans can feel overwhelming, to say the least.
Your second workout of the day shouldn’t be trying umpteen pairs of jeans on. All it takes for denim success is knowing your body shape, understanding the power of a dark wash, and doing a few extra squats to make your booty pop no matter which style you choose (maybe not a necessity, but a good idea nonetheless!).  

Pear Shaped

If your upper body is smaller than your full hips and rockin’ booty, congratulations! You’re pear-shaped. While it can be tough to find a pair of jeans that meets that perfect length-and-waist balance, there are several denim styles that let you flaunt your BikiniBOD in the most flattering way.
Skinny jeans can sometimes emphasize wider hips, and if that’s not your goal, you can still get the skinny look with a straight-leg cut. You’ll achieve the same slim silhouette that skinnies provide, but the extra room around your ankle balances out your hips for a more sleek look overall.
If you’d prefer a style that’s a little more forgiving, enter trouser jeans. Named for their tailored look that echoes traditional trousers, trouser jeans will give you a more sophisticated silhouette (so cute for a night out) while boosting your body with a broad waistband, wider leg openings, and a more fitted booty. They’ll enhance your pear shape as they skim over full hips and thighs and then fall straight down to the hem in one continuous line.
You’ve worked hard to sculpt those awesome glutes and muscular thighs, Pear-shaped Babe, so why not display them in the best way?
P.S. Can we talk about this BikiniBOD beauty rockin her fav jeans paired with her BikiniBOD tank!

Apple Shaped

Apple shaped women have the legs of a goddess with a little extra goodness thrown in the middle. If you enjoy a weekend of delicious holiday treating and already know you might be carrying a few extra pounds in your stomach, chest, and even upper arms after the fact, you’re likely an Apple.
When it comes to jeans, the main thing women with this body shape should focus on is the rise. If the waistband hits you too low, it can throw your proportions off and make you look larger than you really are. (Muffins are delicious. Muffin tops are not.) If it’s too high, you’ll only be accentuating your middle. So choose a mid-rise jean that falls just above the hips to provide a smooth line that keeps everything in place.
If you’re concerned that skinny jeans won’t work because of a larger waist, think again: Apple Babes are typically slimmer through the hips and booty with naturally leaner thighs, and there’s no better way to celebrate those long limbs than with a hot pair of skinnies. Combined with a mid-rise and a darker wash, you’ll want to strut your stuff all day and night.


You’ve mastered balancing in a forearm stand and balancing your busy schedule. You’re a pro at keeping things steady. One thing you might not have conquered (quite yet) is how to style a balanced body.
Rectangular-shaped Babes have equally balanced top and bottom halves without a defined waistline. You’ll want to be on the lookout for jeans that will create some shape in your shape, and for that, we look to the 70s: Flares are back, baby! A mid- or low-rise jean will give your style a modern edge while creating the illusion of a waist without bringing all of the attention to it, and the wider hem will give your figure more flair (pun intended).
Minor details in the design of your denim can make a world of difference in creating curves on a rectangular shape. Smaller or angled back pockets will give your glutes a fuller look, and flapped pockets will add extra oomph without the need for an hour on the StairMaster. Subtle fading can make your hips and legs a little more shapely. Just be sure to avoid any cut that’s too relaxed, like a boyfriend jean, as they can make you appear boxy.  


Hourglass figures have been envied for decades, but even the most voluptuous babe can have trouble finding the right pair of jeans. What’s the best style for showing off that tiny waistline without leaving your fabulous booty in the dust?
High-waisted jeans, that’s what.
The biggest complaint of Hourglass beauties is the struggle to find denim that adequately fits their hips, thighs, and butt and doesn’t leave them with a gapping waistband. High-waisted jeans fix that. Bonus if those jeans have a bit of stretch to accommodate all of your assets. And since this style is hot right now, you can play around with designs to determine what makes you feel most confident.
Whether you choose to channel your inner Farrah Fawcett with a high-waisted flare, or slim it down with an ankle-skimming skinny, your body of work[outs] has the sexy factor taken care of.
Finding the perfect pair of jeans isn’t a one-stop shop, but with a little extra knowledge about styles that work best for your shape, the shopping experience just got a whole lot easier. Which ones are you going to try?
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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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