5 Foods to Ditch for a Slimmer Summer

by Brian Perkins July 22, 2019

5 Foods to Ditch for a Slimmer Summer

 When it comes to achieving that dreamy BikiniBOD , there are a few obstacles we first have to tackle.  As unfortunate at it is, we can’t just get that perfectly sculpted BOD with chiseled abs overnight.  There are two major tasks that demand to be considered and it’s likely you already know where this is headed.  Diet and exercise



Both of these categories are very important, however, many people think they are equivalent when in fact, they are not! While exercise counts for 20% of a person’s physical state, diet counts for 80%.  That’s right ladies, diet is the most essential ingredient for achieving that sexy physique!


The truth is diet is a lifestyle change and certainly not an easy one.  It is crucial to start with smaller changes that are maintainable and have the potential to turn into larger ones over time.  One easy way to do this is to start with cutting out some of the foods that definitely aren’t doing you any good.

 Sugary Drinks

 Sugary drinks are empty calories.  Empty calories have absolutely no nutritional value to add to your body. These calories are stored in the body as fat and are usually the first to burn off during exercise.  But, if you are continuously taking in this sugar, your body will never be able to deplete its storage, thus, never allowing your body to drop the weight, only gain it.


 Alcohol, like soda and juice, is also an abundant source of empty calories.  What makes alcohol an even larger problem is that it is typically consumed in conjunction with other sugary beverages making it twice as dangerous as the sugary drinks alone.  While it may be tough to avoid alcohol altogether, it is extremely critical to limit your intake.

Don't worry beauty if you like an occasional drink, we are so not being JUDGE-YYYY and have a better alternative for you! 

Have you tried a Skinny Vodka? Vodka mixed with a little water with a fresh lemon is low in calories, but still puts the Fun in a Friday!

Pizza and Pasta

 This is always a tough one to hear.  Pizza and pastas are some of America’s all-time favorite foods.  While both high in carbs, pizza contains a lot of fattening grease and oil and pasta is almost always paired with a sauce that is super high in sodium. If you can’t cut them altogether, portion control is your biggest beast.

If you love pizza like we do here at BikiniBOD Headquarters, another great option is Cauliflower pizza, easy cheese and veggies! Check out your local grocery stores like, whole foods and Trader Joes! They always have healthy alternatives!

French Fries

 Ahhhh potatoes.  French fries are a go-to when you go out to eat.  They come in many different shapes and sizes and let’s be honest, all of them are delicious. The unfortunate truth however, is that French fries soak in a bucket of hot oil making them a high-fat food, and to make matters worse they are also high in sodium.

 Packaged Processed Foods

 When shopping for groceries it is always important to look at the label.  While convenience food is super easy and tastes great, it is often is full of sugar, fat, and salt.  It’s also true that these foods hold very little nutritional value.  When you can help it, try to shop for fresh ingredients so you know without a doubt that your food won’t be packed with empty calories and preservatives.


We hope you enjoyed this beauty and be on the lookout for our next blog post!



Brian Perkins
Brian Perkins


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