5 Clever Home Gym Storage Ideas That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Leve

by Christie Cash July 27, 2017

5 Clever Home Gym Storage Ideas That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Leve

You work hard to show off your BikiniBOD, but guess what else does?
Your workout clothes. And your weights. And your boxing gloves. And your exercise bands. And your medicine ball. And your yoga mat. And your bike. You get the picture.
Between wicking away sweat and taking a beating from being dropped on the floor umpteen times, your workout gear goes through a lot to keep you in tip-top shape.
Return the favor by storing all that and more in these five clever home gym storage ideas that will take your workout (and your BikiniBOD) to a whole new level.

 A cosmetic case is for so much more than makeup

You’ve stashed your travel-sized shampoo and body wash in them for years, but what about the gear that gets you ready for that beach vacation?

 Store smaller items like hand wraps for boxing or Muay Thai, ankle weights, and tennis balls for post-workout muscle relief in the pockets of a cosmetic case. Then hang the case wherever you’re most likely to bang out a few reps at home, without losing any valuable space.

 Hang your resistance bands and jump ropes like towels

Freeing your resistance bands and jump ropes from an unruly mass of rubber every morning wastes precious energy. And no, untying knots does not count as an arm workout.

 Make it easier for yourself to grab the ropes and get your cardio on by hanging these items on a shortened curtain rod, wall hooks, or a coat rack.

 Store stretching gear on the wall or in a basket

Reviving your muscles through activities like yoga and foam rolling can help you recover from a workout faster. But digging out your yoga mat from the back of the closet delays this process.


Keep these items at the ready and in good condition with a simple storage system, like a medium-sized basket or wall-mounted rack.

 Just five minutes of deep stretching or rolling out your muscles after an intense workout will increase blood flow and elasticity, and help you avoid injury. The fact that you won’t be tripping over these items as they’re strewn all over the floor will help you avoid injury, too.

 Mount storage hooks for dumbbells

Floor space is a hot commodity in a home gym, and keeping gear off the ground creates more room for squatting, lunging, and crunching. Mount storage hooks to the wall and hang your dumbbells off of them so that the weights are bicep curl-ready, instead of lying idly on the floor, waiting patiently for you to stub your toe.

 This option is best suited for hanging lighter weights (between 5-12 pounds) to avoid any damage to your walls from a falling 50-pounder, which you can shoulder press because you’re a beast. 

 Stow your bicycles on repurposed pallets

Bike riding is a fun, low-impact workout that you can easily incorporate into your day, engaging all muscle groups as you go. Storing your bicycle, however, can be a bit more of a challenge.

 If you’re looking for a super-easy DIY bike storage rack that doesn’t even require a screwdriver, use this simple solution: two wooden pallets leaned against each other. Lay one flat on the ground and scoot the other against its edge while leaning the other end against a wall. Prop your front tire in between the planks.  

 Yes, that’s it. Your bike is stored when not in use, and ready to ride when you are.

 Switching up your workout routine as we head into summer?

 Instead of letting your winter running gear, extra medicine balls, and TRX bands crowd your workout area, free up your floor and have MakeSpace store everything for you.

 Simply schedule a MakeSpace pickup and pack up the gear you’re not using right now. We’ll then pick up your stuff, transport it to our secure temperature-controlled storage facility, and create an online photo inventory of it so you never forget what you packed.

 When you’re ready to get your Russian Twist on again, log into your MakeSpace account, select the photos of the items you’d like back, and we’ll deliver them to you. Save the arm toning for your at-home BikiniBod 28-Day Blueprint workout, and leave the heavy lifting to MakeSpace

Written by Skylar Korby


Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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