Are you a Stressed-Out Socialite?

by Christie Cash May 12, 2016

Are you a Stressed-Out Socialite?

Anxiety is a condition that many people suffer from on a daily basis. Anxious feelings can be crippling and many people may not know what to do. Because May is Mental Health Awareness month, we wanted to share with our beauties 7 ways to combat those anxious feelings whenever they arise.

1. Breathe

While this may seem obvious, try to hyper-focus on your breathing whenever you feel yourself becoming anxious. Even better, try to find somewhere that you feel comfortable closing your eyes and taking deep breaths in and out. Try to make these breaths slow and intentional to manually calm down and quiet your mind.


2. Puppy Love


Animals can be a major source of stress and anxiety relief. While we are biased towards puppy love, spend time with any animal that brings you joy. Animals can feel emotions and, if nothing else, are a source of snuggles on days that may take a turn for the worst. 

3. Sleep it off

Sometimes we sacrifice sleep for a variety of things that may come up throughout the day. Don't skimp on your sleep (Beauty Sleep is here to help), your body and brain depends on it.

4. Munch Mindfully 

Often times stress and anxiety can cause us to crave certain comfort foods. Avoid stress-eating by sticking to your normal eating schedule, especially during these times of high stress. Focus on getting ample omega-3 fatty acids to help lower depression and anxiety levels. And of course, don't forget to take your Beauty Body Formula to help with those pesky cravings.

5. Soak up some Vitamin D

Take a few minutes to get outside throughout your day, especially if you are sedentary or in an office setting. Use your lunch break as an excuse to take a walk, or simply step outside for a few minutes throughout the day to get some fresh air and sunlight. 

6. Unplug

Social media can be a major cause of anxiety as it is always there and following us around. Logout of your accounts throughout the day and turn off the notifications. Assign one or two hours throughout the day that you allow yourself to logon to these accounts and other than that, use your time and energy somewhere else. 

7. Be Positive

When you start letting your mind get the best of you, often times negative thoughts can arise and dominate all other thoughts. Choose to take a step back, acknowledge that these thoughts are occurring, and combat them by saying a few positive things about yourself (that are true) or a few positive things about your overall life. Simply by thinking about something positive, you have the power to change the direction of your day.


Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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