5 Easy Fitness Moves to Avoid Saggy Arms

by Christie Cash February 09, 2016 1 Comment

5 Easy Fitness Moves to Avoid Saggy Arms

When getting started on a new fitness regimen, one of the top fears voiced by many women is that weightlifting will make them big, bulky, and “too muscular.” Thus, they avoid heavy weights and arm machines like the plague, focusing on infinite sets of two-pound bicep curls and half-hearted on-the-knee pushups. While these exercises will yield mild results (like, way down the line), the fact of the matter is that women do not naturally produce enough testosterone to get Schwarzenegger-level jacked—biologically, it can’t happen.

We highly recommend dropping a 20-pound dumbbell on your concerns and challenging yourself to build those arms will maintaining a lean BikiniBOD frame. However, if you’re still wary of the heavier stuff or just don’t have access to that kind of gear, we’ve got your back (and biceps, triceps, and shoulders) with these five moves that are equipment-free, guaranteed to banish the dreaded bat wing, and give youtube top-worthy arms year round.

Boxing Punches

In a wide-legged stance, start with your arms bent at chest level, elbows slightly in. Punch your right arm out straight in front of you, making a straight line from knuckles to shoulder. Return to center then does the same with the left arm. Alternate arms in a steady rhythm for 20 punches (10 Each Side). For more of a challenge, hold a five-pound dumbbell in each hand while you punch.

Tricep Dips

Sit on the floor or use a bench with knees bent and arms slightly behind shoulders, hands facing forward. Rise into a bridge with your butt parallels to the floor and knees at 90 degrees. Bend elbows until your backside touches the floor, then straight the arms to come back up. Repeat for 20 reps. You can even do these dips off your bed first things when you wake up. Talk about starting the day off FIERCE!

Walkout Bear Crawl


Ok, do NOT do the bear crawl like this guy!

In a wide-legged stance, bend forward and, starting between your legs, walk out on your hands. Once nearly parallel to the floor, and keeping legs only slightly bent, meet right foot to right hand, and alternate bear walking a few steps. Then repeat this move in reverse. Once at the starting point, keep feet still and walk hands back, returning to your wide-legged stance. Repeat for 20 reps. Remember to engage your abs!


Side Push Ups

Laying on your right side, scissor your legs with the left leg and foot coming forward. Balance on your right elbow, and bring your left arm a few inches in front of your chest. Lift your hip and, bending your left elbow, lower to the ground in a modified push up. Repeat for 10 reps, then switch to the other side for 10 more reps. Keep that hip elevated!

Frontal Raises

Hold one 5-8 pound dumbbell in each hand, arms hanging straight directly in front of your thighs. Simultaneously lift both straightened arms to chest level, then slowly lower them to the starting position—do not simply let arms drop. Repeat for 20 reps. Engage your core throughout the entire exercise, and move slowly but steadily to feel the burn in your shoulders, back, and chest.


These moves are all about getting you lean muscle definition, tightening up any sagginess while providing an extra boost of strength. Working your arms once or twice a week will heed noticeable results and earn you plenty of compliments from fellow fitness babes. Have you seen some of the BikiniBOD transformations? Those ladies look fabulous without any trace of bulk, so what are you waiting for? Get to it, Beauties!

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


1 Response

Nina W.
Nina W.

May 11, 2017

Just got down to my goal weight and looking for an easy and fast way to tone up my arms.

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