Ok so I got my BikiniBOD - now what?!? 3 Important Tips.

by Christie Cash March 14, 2015

Ok so I got my BikiniBOD - now what?!? 3 Important Tips.

Hello Beauties!! So for weeks (and some for months) many of you’ve been waiting for BikiniBOD The Ultimate Beauty Body Formula to launch, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We know that the wait will have been well worth it especially if you’ve just gotten your first bottle. But what’s next, and how do you make sure you get the results that you’re looking for?

Don’t you worry, the BikiniBOD team is going to be here with you every step of the way. We will do our best to make sure you achieve your BikiniBOD goals whatever they may be – losing that post-pregnancy weight, getting ready for that weekender to Cabo next month, making sure you look great in that wedding dress – we’ve been there and girl we got you!

For now we’re going to introduce to you a few crucial starting points, but again not to worry - we’ll slowly but surely be getting into more juicy details and our practical takes on health, fitness, beauty, nutrition and everything in between, so be sure to follow us and tune in for our future posts:-)

So the first starting point really is to introduce the single most important factor in your ultimate beauty body journey and it actually has nothing to do with diet, dumbbells, hair extensions or even BikiniBOD, and that’s:

#1 Mindset

From this point forward you have to understand that it’s what’s between those ears and the tens of thousands of micro-decisions your making on a daily basis that add up to either your success or failure in the quest for a healthier lifestyle. Remember that beautiful bikini body is a by-product. Know that you CAN succeed in this journey and know that it will take hard work, dedication and the right frame of mind. We are here to support you and make sure you follow us on Facebook or on Instagram to be a part of our growing community of women with a “like” goal.

There could be a multitude of reasons why you decided you wanted or needed BikiniBOD. During our launch what we’ve discovered in all of our wonderful success stories in our control test group and our multitude of testimonials, the one thing that is clear is that results certainly do vary. We’ve had girls lose as little as 3 pounds to as many as 35+ pounds. All of this depends on a number of different factors including their starting condition, their nutrition, sleep, and exercise among other things. Every female body is different and it’s important from the get-go that you set realistic goals for yourself. It’s okay to be easy on yourself. This will help you re-frame with the right mindset to succeed! What’s a realistic goal? Again it depends, but an average of 2 pounds a week is a realistic goal.

#2 Assess Your Tolerance and Use as Directed

We’re going get a little nerdy here so bear with us. Be sure to CAREFULLY read the bottle and use exactly as directed. We can’t stress this enough. The most impactful element of BikiniBOD and much of where the effectiveness comes from is that boost of energy or “the kick”. The amount of the boost or “kick” you’ll feel is almost entirely based on your current caffeine tolerance. When first starting out, especially for those coffee drinkers, DO NOT drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverage for at least 2 hours prior to taking BikiniBOD (Monster, Red Bull, Cappuccino, Diet Coke, etc.). See how you feel on BikiniBOD and allow it to work its magic. Keep in mind each BikiniBOD pill is equivalent to approximately 1.5-2 cups of coffee.

If you just got your BikiniBOD and YOU ARE NOT TOLERANT TO CAFFEINE and/or the effects of caffeine whatsoever then try SPLITTING the capsule into a half-dose. This is one of the favorite moves from one of our founders Gina K.: squeeze and twist the actual capsule, store the other half for later in a ziploc, reclose and gulp down w/water.

We’ll repeat the directions here: Take 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach (at least 15 min or so before your breakfast or first meal), with a FULL glass of water. If your tolerance allows, go ahead and take your 2nd pill of the day again on an empty stomach (2 hours or so after your lunch) again with a FULL glass of water. Many women are good with one pill a day and some take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon it really depends (although this is the maximum we suggest taking in a day). If you’ve taken advantage of our launch pricing you’ve already got your cute BikiniBOD key chain to keep your pills!

I promise that after day 3 or so and it’ll soon be a part of your long-term daily beauty body routine. By this time for most you’re already starting to see some results!

#3 Let BikiniBOD Work Its Magic

Here are just a few things (or sensations if you will) you might experience while on BikiniBOD:

  • Boost of energy
  • Boost in mental clarity and focus
  • Less or very little appetite
  • Sweating more when working out and maybe a slightly elevated temp when not
  • More frequent urinating
  • Slight jittery feeling (if you feel really jittery you’ve taken more than what you can tolerate)

If you feel anything that’s “too much” of any of the above, stop taking immediately for the remainder of the day, stay hydrated and scale back the serving level as directed above. Of course if you have any questions contact us – we’re standing by.

#4 BONUS – Stay Engaged!

Beauties we’re absolutely committed to making the FINEST, naturally-derived female nutritional beauty products on the market with proven science behind them. We would NEVER make anything we don’t take or wouldn’t take ourselves on the daily and this is our promise to you. Your feedback and engagement is so very valuable to us and we wholeheartedly encourage it all. Remember we are made for women by women!

Just started on your BikiniBOD journey? What are your thoughts? Speak up beauties and let us know what’s going on –we’d love to hear from each and every one of you!!

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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