Major Diet Cheats - How to Work Smart and Not Hard

by Christie Cash April 23, 2015

Major Diet Cheats - How to Work Smart and Not Hard

“Diets are fun and easy!” said no woman ever! But you want to diet, you want to lose some weight. So what’s a gal to do? Keep reading for a list of major diet cheats.

And remember – don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

1. Nutritious diet goals and exercise

Stay with us, ladies! Successful dieting CAN offer quick results, however we want to ensure your results are ones that last.

One of the best things you can do to lose weight—and keep it off—is to define clear diet and exercise goals and do your best stick to them. Sticking to it is the hard part, right? Well, the following cheats will make sticking to your diet So. Much. Easier!

So as not to overwhelm, choose a couple of these items off this list and try them for a week:

Automate your meals: Plan your meals ahead of time. Write down exactly which healthy foods you’ll be eating at a particular time. If you know exactly what and when you’re going to eat, it can reduce the amount of unhealthy foods that sneak into (and between) each meal.

Eat a filling breakfast: People who skip breakfast are much more likely to overeat and experience cravings throughout the rest of the day. A healthy, filling breakfast, such as oatmeal and fruit, is the best way to start out. You’ve heard it a million times, we know! But we can’t stress this enough:

Even if you’re one of those “I’m not hungry in the morning” people, when you don’t force at least a piece of toast or fruit into your tummy in the morning, you’re doing yourself a major disservice, and setting your whole day up for diet failure.

Keep nuts handy: Nuts may be high in calories, but they’re also loaded with nutrition and healthy fats. They’ll help you to feel full so you don’t gorge at other meals.

Not a nut for nuts? A big handful of seeds will do the trick. Just be wary of sodium content. Bloating never made anyone feel fabulous.

Optimize your grocery shopping: Before you go to the store, create a grocery list that’s restricted to healthy foods. Don’t buy junk on an impulse. If you don’t buy it during your regular grocery runs, you’re less likely to eat it.

Passing the junk food that makes your heart sing, and fear you won’t be able to say no? STOP. Take a deep breath, and remember your goals. It CAN be that simple. You will also be able to say no to those bad foods with more ease if you eat before shopping. Nothing hurts a diet more than a growling stomach.

Drink water: Limit your beverages to water, and drink lots of it. Did we just tell you to drink water and absolutely nothing else? Unless you have a health concern that requires you drink other fluids, water is the only drink on this earth your body actually needs.

Do I hear some of you crying out for your favorite coffee, soda, or sports drink? Remember, we said give this a go for a week! It’s worth it:

Dehydration and hunger can feel similar when the craving starts, and you might discover you’re not actually hungry; you just need a tall glass of cold water.

Cold water also kicks that metabolism into gear.

Make snack packs: When you feel hungry between meals, it’s okay to eat a healthy snack. Make snack packs ahead of time made of healthy foods that you can grab at a moment’s notice when a craving hits.

2. Naturally derived supplements

There are several natural supplements you can use rather than prescription diet pills. These come from the Earth organically and can be ingested in herb, tea, or capsule form.

The scientific evidence is mixed with regard to the success of natural supplements. Some studies indicate they work, but others discount their effectiveness.

So how do you know if these will work for you? The best thing you can do is try them yourself! When taken in regulated doses, these natural ingredients may be your secret ingredients for successful weight loss!

The following are among the most talked-about natural supplements for boosted beauty, health and weight loss:

    • Milk thistle – The buzz: Extract of milk thistle helps to fend off toxins that enter your liver and speed up your metabolism.
    • Green coffee – The buzz: Green coffee consists of coffee beans before they’ve been roasted. It works to block fat absorption and help the digestive tract.
    • Calcium – The buzz: Some studies suggest the calcium found naturally in dairy products works to expedite the weight loss process.
    • Fish oil – The buzz: The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can help your body to burn fat rather than store it.
    • Guggul – The buzz: In combination with a healthy diet and exercise, extract of guggul may increase metabolism and improve thyroid function, and thus support better overall weight loss results.

3. Appetite suppressants

You can get them from your doctor, from BikiniBOD, or elsewhere in stores and online. Trying an appetite suppressant can be a valuable approach when you’re dieting and trying to wean yourself off processed or high sugar foods.

BikiniBOD contains Advantra Z, an extract of bitter orange. For dieters who need to lose an immense amount of weight under the supervision of a physician, prescriptions for appetite suppressant drugs like Phentermine may be available.

4. Super foods vs. weight-gaining foods

Let’s be real - obviously you should avoid fast food and meals high in sugar, but some foods you might have thought were weight loss-friendly are actually not! Bananas and starchy potatoes can put on a lot of bulk, for example, if consumed in large amounts.

Diet by these rules

      • Eat beans: These are high in protein, without the fat. They help you build muscle instead of body fat. Especially if you don’t load up your beans with salt or buy low or no sodium options, beans will be your very best friend. Black beans, cannellini, pinto – choose your fav and chow down.
      • Avoid starchy vegetables: Potatoes, corn - they taste delicious, especially when slathered in butter, but they’re also full of calories and offer little nutritional value. They’re better than a cheeseburger, but you’ve been warned! Moderate your intake of these calorie crammers.
      • Eat avocados: You need a certain amount of healthy fats in your diet in order to help your fat stores diminish, and avocados are perfect for this. They’re high in calories, but fill you up quickly.
      • Don’t tie yourself to whole grains: Yes, whole grains are high in fiber and nutritional value, but they also pack a lot of calories. Mix some oatmeal for similar nutritional value that has a lower calorie count.

5. Unconventional weight loss methods

If you want to avoid the hassles of tedious dieting and supplements altogether, you could try unusual methods that some people swear work for weight loss, even though the science behind them is mixed.

Overall, if you’re a believer in alternative healing, absolutely integrate your interests and your diet. So much of dieting is rooted in the mind, and whatever healthy options help you stay on track are good in our book!

      • Acupuncture: Some claim that when professionals perform acupuncture, it disrupts blockages to the body’s energy flow and breaks up fat storage to help a person lose weight.
      • Hypnosis: Others swear that several sessions of deep hypnosis helped them to relax into a new frame of mind that made dieting easier. If you’re open to the idea, it just might work on you too!
      • Ayurveda: Through simple meditation, massage, and herbs that are meant to help the participant find balance between the mind and body, Ayurvedic efforts stimulate digestion and boost the metabolism, some say.

Diets are difficult, and fortunately there are a variety of cheats and alternatives so you don’t have to rely on one or two alone! For more information about finding the right diet pill alternative, explore BikiniBOD.

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Christie Cash
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