7 Pre-Summer Tips for Looking Killer in Your Bikini

by Christie Cash May 01, 2015

7 Pre-Summer Tips for Looking Killer in Your Bikini

The temperatures are rising, ladies, and it will be time to break out the bathing suit and show off all of your hard work before you know it! You’ve gotten in your workout groove and stepped up your healthy-eating game, so what’s left on the BikiniBOD agenda? These seven tips will help you prepare for the big reveal and give you a gentle push to keep it up through the final stretch.

1. Improve Your Posture Through Stretching.

A toned and tight core is useless if you don’t have the posture to truly show it off. You worked hard for those abs! Flaunt your success to the fullest with stretches like child’s pose, chest stretch and twisting lumbar stretch, which will loosen the lower and upper back along with the chest to help align your spine and discourage slumped shoulders. Desk dwellers should be especially cognizant of their posture throughout the day, taking a few breaks here and there to elongate from head to toe.

Not ready to show off your abs? We suggest you start…

2. Eating Beans!

“Wait, what??” Yes. Eat them. Eat them please. Pinto, black, cannellini – these beans we love, and we talk about them a lot. Beans, when eaten with LOW sodium, are a most delightful, fiberful and filling foodstuff. To boot, they’re basically devoid of fat and full of protein. A cup of black beans boasts 14g of protein alone.

We will never stop touting the benefits of beans because beans will be your very best friend if you’re looking to drop weight quickly.

3. Cut Out BAD Carbs.

We’ve gotten too used to hearing “carbs” used negatively, when it’s simply a matter of understanding how they benefit your body and which foods contain the “good” (complex) carbs that fuel you correctly. Apricots, brown rice, cashews, peaches, and zucchini are all examples of good carbs that digest slowly to maintain steady blood sugar levels. You can do without the “bad” (simple) carbs, like dried fruits and white bread, because while they give you a quick energy boost, your blood sugar will drop again just as fast and you’ll be scurrying back to the fridge for another fix.

You did not work that hard in the gym to have it all undone by a bag of potato chips! With good carbs promoting increased brain function, not only will you make the right decisions in the kitchen, but you’ll know without a doubt how fantastic your body looks.

4. Start Drinking Lots of Water.

Obvious, no? Sure – except in my experience most people aren’t actually drinking enough water. And I guarantee that once those people do, they’ll really feel and see the difference.

Of course, there’s no real scientific evidence behind the whole 8-glasses-per-day thing, but the Institute of Medicine recommends 9 cups of water for women per day, which is even more! Water in proper amounts is so powerfully revitalizing – something anyone who’s ever suffered from severe dehydration will know. When yours truly recently ate at a certain restaurant and got sick relatively soon after – so sick I couldn’t drink water for 24 hours – I went to the doctor and got hooked up to an IV drip with 2L of water.

I left looking and feeling like an absolute rock star. To this day, if I’m tired, my skin is looking dull, or I’m having mad sugar cravings, I gulp down a big, fat glass of water or two and boom – I’m a rock star all over again. Try it! You’ll like it.

5. Try Spray Tanning.

Sure, there’s some stigma thanks to earlier spray tanners having an orange glow. But get a recommendation from a friend or forum and you can find quality providers and products. Besides, you’ve done such a fabulous job beautifying yourself on the inside, it’s time to bring that glow to the surface (with the added help of water, of course)!

UV tanning beds can be terribly damaging to the skin, so take the healthier (and safer) route with a spray tan. A visit to your local tanning salon will cost between $20-30, and the results can last up to a week. For the at-home alternative, self-tanning products are available at many drug stores and beauty supply stores, and usually cost around $10. A tan can enhance all of your accomplishments while giving you a noticeable radiance, and you’ll undoubtedly be excited to parade your bronzed BikiniBOD up and down the beach. Still not sure if that parade will be in a one piece or two piece? May we suggest you…

6. Buy that Expensive Bathing Suit.

Or that sexy mini dress. Or the incredible jeans that are just begging to display your improved assets. Whatever you’ve had your eye on but didn’t think you could ever “pull off,” guess what? You can! And you will. And that bikini hanging on your closet door is a daily reminder of why you’re working so hard to become your best self.

Still not feeling like your best self? I really encourage you to try…

7. Sumo Squats.

I did traditional squats for years – YEARS. I was in JV volleyball, people! Did it do a thing for my booty? Not really.

While traditional squats may carve out a great bum for an iron-thrusting gym rat, the rest of us will be stuck with sore quads, a slightly more toned butt, and a whole lot of confusion.

So what’s the big diff between traditional and sumo squats? In a traditional squat, your legs are positioned shoulder-width apart, or close to it. Your feet face forward, and you’ll notice a lot of tension in your legs. To perform a sumo squat, stand with your feet wider than your shoulders, and point those toes outward. You’re going to feel far more tension right in that gluteal area. Case of the sagging squat booty: closed.

Pack away your winter coats and feel that warm breeze: the (second) most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Are you excited yet? It’s about time you got to show off your new body, and if you follow these tips, you can stand tall and feel energized with a sun-kissed glow to boot!

Want a solid pre-summer game plan? Target and shrink your trouble areas: visit and get a free 28 Day Beauty Body Blueprint fitness calendar with any purchase from IFBB Bikini Pro Christie Cash.

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