The Hair Toss-Up: Brazilian Blowout or Organic Keratin Treatment?

by Christie Cash May 13, 2015

The Hair Toss-Up: Brazilian Blowout or Organic Keratin Treatment?

Do you find yourself throwing an inadvertent side eye to your friend who gushes over warm weather and how she can’t wait to drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and then just sit around and soak up the heat and humidity’s awesomeness? How could she possibly look forward to a season of frizz, chaos, and perpetually curly baby hairs? Does she know some kind of magical hair secret?

If this friend is the owner of an impossibly smooth and shiny mane even in the middle of July, then yes, actually, she might. She could be receiving one of two different types of professional smoothing treatments, and shame on her for not sharing the wealth! Luckily, we’re here to blow her cover. Brazilian Blowouts and organic Keratin treatments are similar processes performed by your stylist that can result in significantly silkier, easier to manage hair that lasts about three months. Find out which treatment would be best for you, and prepare for a summer of great hair days!

The Brazilian Blowout

What it is: A branded, keratin-based treatment that tames frizz and general unruliness.

How it works: Hair is shampooed and carefully dried until only a small amount of moisture remains. A product made of a blend of amino acids is applied to the hair, and it is then blow dried and flat-ironed. When the hair is completely dry, it is shampooed again and the product is completely rinsed out. The stylist then applies conditioner, rinses it thoroughly, and the hair is dried one last time.

Benefits: Overall, the Brazilian Blowout is a lot more convenient. The process only takes about 90 minutes and it is done as soon as you leave the salon. The Brazilian Blowout doesn't harm the hair itself in any way, and it significantly shortens the blow dry time as well as the time it takes to flat iron your hair.

One thing to note is that: in the past, the Brazilian formula produced formaldehyde during the blowout and ironing process, summarized in this FDA warning. Since then, the official Brazilian Blowout manufacturer has released a zero formaldehyde product, 'Blowout zero+'. Be sure to ask your hair stylist which product they are using and the possibility of formaldehyde production before considering a blowout!

At the end of the day, we’re still big fans of this frizz-taming treatment.

Best for: Hair that is frizzy and unruly.

Organic Keratin Treatment

What it is: An organic keratin-based treatment that leaves hair radiant and frizz free. Ask your hairstylist if they provide an organic keratin treatment.

How it works: Similar to the Brazilian Blowout, keratin treatments start with shampooing the hair and drying it completely. Then, the product is applied and covered with a cap for 20 to 30 minutes. After the hair is blow dried and flat-ironed, clients leave the salon with the product still in their hair and must wash it out after three days.

Benefits: Restores and repairs the hair while providing long-term conditioning and protection (kind of like Beauty Sleep Tea). It allows for different formulas to be applied depending on an individual’s hair structure. For example, a stylist will use one formula on clients with fine and straight hair, which will allow for more volume, and will use another on a client with thick, curly and/or difficult-to-style hair.

Best for: Hair that is frizzy and unruly, and for those who lead an organic lifestyle.

Keratin-based treatments have a cumulative effect, so in order to reap the benefits of never-ending fabulous hair, it is best to schedule your next treatment a bit before you actually need it so that the product doesn’t dissipate from your hair entirely. Based on the comparison above, decide which process would work best for you, and schedule your appointment soon so that you can revel in your luscious locks before summer officially arrives. Will you and your friend visit the salon together or throw speculative glances at each other’s suspiciously perfect hair from across the Memorial Day barbeque? That’s entirely up to you. Your secret’s safe with us!

Of course, they very best way to keep your mane radiant and healthy is by adopting an inside-out approach. Taking supplements (like our Ultimate Beauty Body Formula) that contain biotin, our daily multivitamin and drinking water will help you keep that silken shine even after your keratin treatments starts to wear. For a biotin infused supplement that also contains antioxidants and green tea, visit BikiniBOD.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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