The Energy Overview: How to Keep Going and Going and Going

by Christie Cash June 23, 2015

The Energy Overview: How to Keep Going and Going and Going

Are you perpetually exhausted and thought that’s just how life was supposed to be? Think again! There are plenty of good reasons to feel tired in the morning: laughing it up with old friends, catching the end of your favorite classic movie, spending special time with that special person (cough cough. Come on ladies, help us keep it PG-13); incorporating BikiniBOD plus a few of these tips into your daily routine will just make bouncing back that much easier.

Eat Breakfast to Lower Stress

Yes because we said so. And yes even if you don't feel hungry.

Perkiness comes from a piece of whole wheat toast and an egg white omelet. Studies even show that people who enjoy breakfast each morning feel mentally and physically better throughout the day than those who skip it. British researchers even found that raising a daily spoon to a bowl of cereal helps lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Don’t psyche yourself out by thinking you need to prepare a TV commercial-level breakfast every day—a balance of protein, fiber, and a few key nutrients will keep you lively much longer than that sugar filled latte.


Dress to Impress and Boost Your Mood

Impress yourself that is. Some say that sweatpants are the gateway clothing to feeling even more slothful, surrendering your once plan-filled evening to the couch, and ordering takeout for four. Feeling deflated? Fight it, and put on your booty-hugging jeans and some heels. Now look in the mirror. Seeing an energized image can actually help you to feel a boost and counter whatever negativity you were experiencing before. You’re already dressed, so keep up the momentum and head out on the town.

Feeling as great as you look ensures a good time no matter where you go, and will be a motivating reminder should you ever feel the pull of loungewear calling your name again. Defy the drawstring and strut your stuff!

Eat Every Three to Four Hours to Stay Sharp

Fiveis the magic number (sorry Three): Eating three smallish meals plus two snacks throughout the day can stabilize blood sugar and energy levels to help you avoid a sudden crash or panicked binge. Emphasis on the “smallish,” though; big meals require more energy to digest, leaving you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable.

Be sure to incorporate a balanced mix of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats to achieve true satisfaction, decreasing the chance of an expedition for sweets an hour later. Ditch the protein bar and opt instead for a low-fat mixed berry and yogurt parfait with a small scoop of whole-grain granola; tilapia over mixed greens with avocado; or beef tenderloin with broccoli and a baked sweet potato. Bye hunger pangs! Won’t miss you, mean it!

Control your Caffeine Intake

A reasonable daily amount of caffeine is about 200 to 300 mg, equivalent to that found in two to three cups of coffee. Everyone loves the buzz! It is important, however, to be aware of the proximity of your afternoon espresso to when you’d likesome shut eye.

Although it seems like a cup of coffee or tea gives you a shot of energy to finish out the day, it can have a drastic effect on the quality of your sleep, even if you head to bed several hours afterward. Drinking plenty of water can help maintain higher energy levels naturally, so savor your morning macchiato while choosing something slightly less jazzed-up later in the day.

Let Go of Grudges to Decrease your Blood Pressure

Nursing a grudge is like nursing a hangover except it lasts longer than a day and copious amounts of carbs won’t make it feel better. Harboring resentment towards a person or situation causes your mind and body to react as if they're under chronic stress, impulsively increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. If held onto for a significant amount of time, a grudge can potentially result in a weakened immune system and unwarranted exhaustion.

Why would you want to be tired for no reason? Attempting to understand the negative situation from a different angle and practicing forgiveness gives you feelings of peace and control, which keep the body's stress responses in check. Being the bigger person is not always easy, but give this stress-relieving mantra a try the next time you find yourself having hard feelings about something or someone: "Forgiveness makes me a happier and stronger person." Namaste, sister.

Use Exercise as a Stimulant

We would apologize for sounding like broken records if it wasn’t so gosh-darn effective. Vigorous exercise can act as a stimulant, so schedule your workouts in the morning or afternoon when you need a boost the most.

By now you have plenty of BikiniBOD workout options to choose from, so use them during a quick 20 minute sweat session incorporated into your lunch hour to carry you to 5 pm. Aerobic exercise has also been proven to help you fall asleep faster at bedtime, helping you to spend more hours in deep sleep and wake up less often throughout the night.

Take Deep Breaths to Reenergize Your Body and Brain

It’s never a bad time for yoga. Even if you’re not into the whole “finding your center” thing. Practicing belly breathing is an effective way to counter anxiousness and stress without having to bust out a downward facing dog pose. When we're under pressure, we tend to resort to taking short, shallow "chest breaths,” bringing less air into the lungs, thus reducing the supply of energizing oxygen to the body and brain. Ever notice how drained you feel after a particularly taxing work day? You probably didn’t take one sufficient breath all afternoon, and your body is totally over it.

The goal with belly breathing is to employ the diaphragm and fill up with air like a slowly inflating balloon. Upon exhale, your belly should slowly deflate. If you notice yourself tensing up in a time of stress, give this a shot for a moment of tranquility that puts everything back in perspective.Workout with BikiniBOD team !

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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