Beauty and Body Advice From BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador: Jennifer Steen

by Christie Cash July 08, 2015

Beauty and Body Advice From BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador: Jennifer Steen

Meet Jennifer Steen,

Boss Babe with a body that only sweat, blood and mascara ridden tears could create. Scrolling through her Instagram is almost intimidating. How is it possible for someone this beautiful to have the self-discipline to train that hard? As a personal trainer, NPC Competitor, and Brand Ambassador, Jennifer is an expert at sculpting the body and transforming your lifestyle for the better.

Rummaging through her social media makes you want to stop snacking and hit the gym ASAP. What’s even better are the messages she posts with each photo. Not only is this personal trainer motivating even when she’s not in a session, she also isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. Her relatability and true passion for all things beauty and fitness is why we have chosen to place the spotlight on her for our BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador Blog.

Tell us about how you got started in the fitness industry?

I began competing in NPC competitions in 2011. I naturally became interested in the fitness industry as I realized how powerful health and fitness can be for your body and mind.

You’ve competed in the NPC Bikini Competitions multiple times. What is your favorite part about competing?

My favorite part about competing is the challenge and discipline put forth. It has allowed me to exercise extreme will power and belief in myself. It has taught me to work hard and enjoy the journey. It has tested many personal boundaries and issues I have had with myself, and I love that. Who doesn’t love a challenge?!

Exactly! Speaking of challenges, what are your favorite and least favorite body part(s) to train?

My favorite body part(s) to work out would be my glutes and hamstrings. I hit my lower body a few times a week. I can’t stand doing core exercises!

Core exercises can be brutal, especially when you’re trying to get fit for summer. As a personal trainer, describe the kind of role nutrition plays in creating clients' regimens?

Diet plays a big role in your success of weight loss and reaching your ultimate fitness goal. Be very careful about where you get your dieting advice from. For all my clients, it’s about creating a plan that is going to be effective and healthy. It’s crucial to create a plan that will work for their lifestyle.

Your lifestyle and career is based on fitness, health, and keeping things balanced. How do you deal with cravings for salty or sweet foods?

The way I deal with cravings for salt or sweet foods is that I really don't cut out salt. I use a more natural approach by adding Himalayan salt to my foods. Something that helps me with cravings is making sure I have enough healthy fats in my diet. Plus I believe in letting myself (and my clients) enjoy some of my favorite cheat foods here and there. This keeps my mind and body from feeling like they are deprived.

Health means balance. Day in and day out, I make a conscious effort to eat clean knowing I will be able to reward myself when I feel it’s warranted. Believe me, I struggle with the sweets because I love them. However, I notice if I stay away from them (including fake sugars) I don't crave them as often.

What are the top 5 foods we would find in your kitchen?

The top 5 foods you would find in my kitchen are:

  1. Avocado-I love this so much, one of my favorite things to add in a salad (healthy fats!)
  2. Cucumber-This helps the body not retain water.
  3. Grapefruit-It tastes so fresh! It’s my favorite things to have with breakfast in the morning.
  4. Lemons-This adds a great flavor, so I put it on everything.
  5. Kombucha-Always great for digestive health.

What kinds of supplements or vitamins do you take and what results have you seen from them?

I'm not a big advocate on taking lots of supplements. I like to keep it simple. I have three that I always take:

One is BikiniBod. It helps me get a great morning sweat shed unwanted fat; it also helps with my energy levels. The biotin in bikini bod has been awesome to help strengthen my hair and nails. I love this product. Secondly, I use BCAAs every morning and afternoon. Lastly, I have a scoop of whey protein post workout for recovery. I'm big on drinking green tea.

What advice would you give to BikiniBOD beginners or anyone looking to get into fitness?

Tips I would give to people wanting to get in fitness industry and get fit and healthy would be:

  1. Hard work pays off. Just get in that gym do your cardio, do your weights, and kill it every time.
  2. Consistency. Because yes at first it is rough, stick to your goal believe in yourself and truly want it! With that mindset, there is no way you can't be successful.
  3. Discipline. If you realize you need to change your lifestyle in order to get to your goal, you can't keep doing the same thing and expect to get different results.
  4. Study. Go on YouTube to learn about exercises/ the body and how you can master yours.
  5. 5. Make yourself a priority. Tune out distractions and become the best you that you can be.

Wow, these points are all really good to keep in mind. To motivate others around you what three tips would you give a woman working towards a healthy and fit BikiniBOD like yours?

Some tips I would give to help motivate someone to get a bikini bod would be:

  1. Set a goal every day work towards it don't make excuses. Be an over achiever!
  2. Diet is #1
  3. Believe you can and place yourself around people who are like minded and can uplift you and support your goal!

Last but not least, as someone who has been accredited as “One of the Most Dynamic, Versatile and Naturally Gorgeous Models of our Day” ( who are your biggest beauty and fitness influences?

Wow, thank you :)

If I had to name a few of my biggest influences, I would of course say Marilyn Monroe. She was curvy, confident and beautiful, she owned who she was. I also love Jennifer Aniston for her poise and charm and she always does everything with class.

Lastly I look to any woman who promotes a natural lifestyle and being confident in their own skin (Like Marilyn Monroe) besides the stereotype of skinny perfection. This is what resonates with me because I am NOT skinny. I am curvy; I have thicker legs and use to be ashamed of it. I realize now true beauty cannot be measured in body fat or on a scale. True beauty is not only for the skinny. My definition of true beauty is the confidence that comes from self-love.

Thank you so much Jennifer for the Interview. You can find Jennifer at

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