How to Use an Appetite Suppressant: The BikiniBOD Guideline

by Christie Cash July 26, 2015

How to Use an Appetite Suppressant: The BikiniBOD Guideline

Understanding how an appetite suppressant works within the body is an important factor in determining its success. You think you should pop three times the recommended dosage to fight off all cravings and lose weight quicker? Yeah, rethink that.

When an appetite suppressant is used properly, it affects the hypothalamus, which is a control center in the brain. The hypothalamus helps to tell the body when to give off hunger signals. An appetite suppressant, like the bitter orange extract Advantra Z found in BikiniBOD, has been shown to interrupt this system and thus, your cravings are curbed.

So you’ve got the basics, but how do you get the results you’re looking for? It’s all about…eating. Yes you read that correctly—weight loss success while using an appetite suppressant is dependent on eating. Stay with us: eating five smaller meals a day, snacking on the right foods, and keeping track of your macronutrients will help you avoid an out of control binge once the suppressant wears off. Avoid becoming ravenous by following these effective tips:

Eat Five Small Meals a Day to Keep Up Your Metabolism

You know all about breakfast, lunch and dinner, and how a snack in between can help to keep your metabolism revved up to avoid any kind of crash. When using an appetite suppressant, these snacks may not seem desirable, but they are integral to keeping satiated until your next true meal.

Keep the snacks on the smaller side (a single serving of fruit, for instance), because although the hypothalamus is being distracted, physically your body is still in need of the nutrients. Without this small boost, once the appetite suppressant wears off, you’re bound to forego the lunch salad for a burrito the size of your thigh with extra chips and guac. The goal here is to eat less, not give up eating entirely.

Take Clever Grab-n-Gos for More Convenient Snacking

Convenience sometimes comes fried and loaded with sodium, seeming slightly less convenient a few hours later when you’re bloated, sluggish, and still hungry. Stocking your bag with nutrient-rich snacks that are as quick to grab as they are to satisfy your stomach is a smart way to guarantee you won’t cruise through the drive-thru the second your appetite suppressant starts to wane.

As we said before, they don’t need to be anything big, just a bite to tide you over. A handful of almonds, clementine, or string cheese will get the job done without filling you up completely, and they provide plenty of calcium and Vitamin C as a convenience to the rest of your well-being.



Track Your Maconutrients to Reveal a Tighter Physique

Macronutrients are the calories worth counting. It sounds daunting to keep track of every little thing that goes into your body, but once you figure out an easy system, choosing the correct foods becomes second nature and a tighter physique will reveal itself before you know it. A realistic and achievable method is to break down your calorie count in the following way:

  • 40% Protein: Chickpeas, hardboiled eggs, pumpkin seeds, and spinach are all high-protein foods that are easy to incorporate into a wide variety of dishes. Combining those four ingredients themselves would make a pretty incredible salad, but each can be added to smoothies, dips, or soups to up your meal’s protein count and keep lingering hunger to a minimum.
  • 30% Carbohydrates: A friendly reminder that carbs are our friends, because you shouldn’t be a mean girl who dislikes something just because it’s not trendy. Simple carbs with a low glycemic index can be found in soba noodles and pumpernickel bread, and are best when mixed with fruits and vegetables like raspberries and corn to provide plenty of energy to keep you moving through the home stretch (aka 3-5 p.m.).
  • 30% Fat: Good fats exist in foods just as good fats exist in our curves, and both should be celebrated with enthusiasm. Flaunt the latter in your awesome new bathing suit, and the former in a portion of salmon, olives, or walnuts. Certain types of fats, like polyunsaturated fats, are required for normal body functions but can’t be made by the body, so the only option is to find them in food. If you want to keep your muscles moving while reducing inflammation (an obvious yes on both accounts), these types of fats are a necessity.

An appetite suppressant isn’t meant to totally fill the role of food in your quest to become a healthier you, but when used correctly, it can assist the wholesome foods you are eating in slimming you down while keeping you moving.

Ultimately, suppressants like those found in BikiniBOD are meant to shift your focus from when you could demolish a plate of nachos next, and instead allow you to make better snacking decisions while concentrating on the more important aspects of life. Hunger should not get in the way of you trying a new spinning class or exploring a new hiking trail, so keep fitness in mind and teach your body to eat when and what it needs. Your future lean self will thank you!

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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