Do You Drink Enough Water? Why Water Supercharges Weight Loss

by Christie Cash July 28, 2015

Do You Drink Enough Water? Why Water Supercharges Weight Loss

With all of the weight loss contraptions and consumables out there, deciding what is worth the time and money can be a bit overwhelming. (We've got you covered with our Ultimate Beauty Body Formula). If something is ineffective or causes unwanted symptoms, that’s dollars down the drain and another setback from reaching your goals. Frustrating, huh?

Don’t you wish there was some magic elixir that boosted your metabolism, suppressed appetite, cleansed the body of toxins, and just made everything look and feel better, inside and out? Oh man, what if it was also customizable to suit your taste, and free? Only in a fantasy land, right?


You may have heard of a little thing called water, and we’d like to be the first to say we’re big, big fans. We hear it’s pretty easy to find, even just around the house, and packs a boatload of benefits to assist in helping you achieve your best body. You won’t believe all the things it can do!

Replace Sugary Drinks with Water to Cut Your Caloric Intake in Half

If your refrigerator is home to an impressive collection of sugary sodas, juices and shakes, we highly recommend trashing it all immediately and replacing it with your new favorite beverage, H2O. Not only will you be saving an insane amount of money, your calorie intake will be slashed in half, leaving room for the good-for-you stuff that actually makes an impact.

The added sugar in other drinks hinders the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients, so even if they claim to offer benefits for hydration and workout recovery, your system has to work that much harder to process out the filler ingredients. While it may be nice to sip on something tasty, you’re essentially taking two steps back from all that you’ve worked for.

If you’re still jonesing for something with a bit more flavor, feel free to add mint or citrus slices to jazz it up a bit. A glass of water with lemon leads to weight loss success because the pectin in lemons helps reduce food cravings, so you can enjoy your drink without the unnecessary junk.

Drinking Water Before a Meal can act as an Appetite Suppressant

Hunger and dehydration come to the party dressed in the same outfit, so if you’re bored and interpret those feelings as hunger, try drinking a glass of water first. Reaching straight for the pita chips and hummus seems like a smart choice until the whole bag and tub are gone and you’re still not satisfied. Giving water a chance to prove itself will allow your body to realize what it really wants, which, more often than not, is just a thirst-quencher. Of course, water alone is not a sustainable (or desirable) diet, but it can keep an unnecessary binge from happening.

As an appetite suppressant, drinking a full glass before meals can make you feel fuller from the get-go, and taking a few sips between bites helps you to slow down and realize when you’re full at an appropriate time. In most cases, practicing good hydration habits as you eat can help reduce your caloric intake by almost 75 calories! Cross those 12 minutes on the stationary bike off of your gym to-do list; they’ve been taken care of.

Dehydration Leads to Less Energy When Working Out

Speaking of gym time, the amount of water you drink throughout your workout can have a drastic effect on how aggressively you enter beast mode. A recent study showed that dehydrated people did fewer reps and felt tired faster when they were exercising, which can mean losing out on a solid calorie burn and delaying how soon you see results. A water-full workout keeps joints lubricated and prevents muscle cramping for a longer, harder gym experience, and continuing to hydrate afterward helps the body recover faster with less soreness.

Are you convinced yet?

Water’s simplicity is what makes it so versatile and ultimately, so widely beneficial to the body. Alleviating the need to sift through unnecessary ingredients and helping literally every organ system function at an optimum rate makes water a smart choice for people at all fitness levels. Hydrating for an intense workout is just as important as cleansing the body to ensure proper health, and both will get you in the shape of your dreams. No crazy promises, no unpronounceable additives, no funky aftertaste, and most importantly, no magic needed. 

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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