The Secret to Skinny: A Dietitian Reviews BikiniBOD

by Christie Cash August 03, 2015

The Secret to Skinny: A Dietitian Reviews BikiniBOD

BikiniBOD gets it.

When it comes to trying new things we like to do as much research as possible, especially if it involves a magic pill promising weight loss and beauty benefits. Therefore we decided to reach out to a dietitian and allow her to give an honest review of what's in a BikiniBOD. Autumn Lewis, RD. was given all the ingredients to our formula and was kind enough to answer a few questions to allow better insight to our customers.

Tell us the importance of a maintaining a balanced diet while trying to shed a few extra pounds?

Ultimately, your body is a machine. You wouldn’t try and win the Indy 500 by using fumes to fuel your car. The same can be said for the body. The body needs high quality, nutrient packed foods to burn through fat effectively and utilize food for energy.

Going on a low calorie diet doesn’t guarantee weight loss. It takes energy and fuel to burn unwanted fat, starving your body of calorie and nutrients will not allow your body to burn fat, in fact it tell your body to hold onto the fat. Maintaining a balanced diet will give you fuel, energy, and focus day in and day out to keep your eyes on your weight loss goal and to achieve the body you visualize having.

How can supplements aid in losing weight?

Anyone who said losing weight is easy must be crazy. We live in an obese-agenic environment; basically we live in an environment that promotes obesity. From food variety, to sedentary lives, to stressful work and home life responsibilities, it’s hard to maintain a regimen that allows your body to be at a healthy weight.

By taking a supplement that allows your body to convert existing fat to energy effectively and keep your metabolism revving all day long, you give yourself a hand up on achieving and maintaining your weight goal.

What do muscles use for energy during exercise?

Your muscles main source of energy during a workout is carbohydrate that has been turned into glucose that is stored in the muscle tissue. When you are doing a high intensity workout the muscles utilized that stored glucose to perform high intensity moves and to power through your workout. After a work out your muscles need a combination of protein (to repair and build muscles), carbohydrates (to replenish the used glucose in the muscles and fuel the muscle repair), and fat (to use as energy for the rest of your body so all the carbohydrates and protein can repair, replenish, and build muscles).

From a Nutritionists perspective, tell us what dietary steps a person would need to take in order to burn off extra stored body fat?

As a nutritionist, I notice a severe lack in vegetables and protein in people’s diets. Every meal (yes, this includes breakfast) needs a source of protein and vegetables.

  1. Slowly start to replace the simple and refine carbohydrates of bread, pasta, and baked goods with complex carbohydrates of lettuce wraps, veggie noodles, and baked sweet potatoes.
  2. Start fueling your body with high quality fats such as avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, heavy cream, butter, and nut butters. If your oat meal and fruit in the morning is leaving you starving an hour later switch over to a couple scrambled eggs and some avocado to keep your body fueled for hours.
  3. Lastly, make sure you’re having enough protein to maintain lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism. A veggie filled omelets for breakfast, tuna & avocado lettuce wraps for lunch, and salmon with veggies for dinner are simple ways to make switches to your diet and watch the fat melt off your body.

How would you rate the ingredients in BikiniBOD?

Reviewing these ingredients I give them an A+. There are few companies out there that take into consideration the health and well-being of their customers. This company shows care, attention, and knowledge of what ingredients will work effectively for fat loss and promote better health.

How important is drinking water and staying hydrated when a person is trying to lose weight?

Extremely important! Water is present in every single area of your body, which means every single cell of your body needs water. Without water your body will not be able to utilize nutrients and carry them where they are supposed to go in the body. Without water your body will feel fatigued, bloated, heavy, and run poorly.

Drinking enough water will help keep you satiated between meals, help you burn fat, and carry nutrients to your cells, and carry waste and toxins from your cells and out of your body.

Caffeine consumption can give someone that extra boost but what would you recommend if one’s body becomes jittery from the caffeine intake?

I am a caffeine sensitive person and I know that feeling of being overly caffeinated. To help me cope when I over do myself, I drink plenty of water and go on a walk if possible. If you know you are a caffeine sensitive person, lower the dose of caffeine if possible, eat within an hour of consuming caffeine, drink plenty of water, and incorporate activities into your day.

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