BikiniBOD Beauty Hack: Tips to Melt Proof Your Makeup

by Christie Cash August 16, 2015

BikiniBOD Beauty Hack: Tips to Melt Proof Your Makeup

For the amount of “How To Fake a Summer Glow” articles you can read year-round, you’d think that warm weather beauty was an effortless display of rosy hues and sun-kissed perfection that was as easy as a day on your own private beach. Of course, you’ve tried the creamy coral blush, the intricate island-inspired eyeliner tips, and the hot pink lips, and you looked incredible…until you stepped out of your air conditioned haven into a sweltering 95-degree day (with a “real feel” of 101) and all of your beachy beauty melted into a goopy mess. Not exactly what you were going for, huh?

Keeping your makeup in check in high heat and smothering humidity can be tough, but a few tweaks to your beauty routine can keep you looking fresh and fabulous for hours. Forget the meltdown and give these sweat-proof looks a try:

Make Your Look Last With Sun Protection And Primers

Keep this mantra in mind throughout the entire warm-weather beauty process: The more you put on your face, the more you’ll sweat off.

While it’s best to keep everything as simple as possible, there are a few steps that should never be skipped, and will help keep your gorgeous look lasting all the way to happy hour.

  • Use a light moisturizer with an SPF of at least 20, avoiding heavy or thick formulas that will just encourage more sweat. Serums are a great option because of their lightweight texture, but any lotion with a thinner consistency will quench your skin without drowning you.
  • Primer is a must. It will provide a smooth surface for even foundation application while holding onto said foundation for dear life. While primer should be applied all over the face to ensure consistent coverage, be sure to focus on the T-zone, nose, and eyelids, as they can get especially oily and reveal tell-tale creases.

Use Tinted Moisturizer and Cream Blush Avoid Streaks On Your Skin

Streaks of foundation running down your face and neck after an afternoon in the sunshine are probably not quite what you had in mind when you decided, “I want to look hot today.” Tinted moisturizer is a great alternative for thermometer-bursting days, as it provides enough coverage to even out your skin tone, but won’t look cakey. The sheer look is great for casual daytime events like brunch, picnics in the park, or sightseeing adventures.

If your plans are a little more formal, or if you just prefer more coverage, apply your favorite liquid foundation in criss-cross strokes to keep the sweaty stripes at bay, and follow up by dabbing (not brushing or dragging) a bit of powder foundation on top of the liquid to set it in place.

Emulate a natural flush using liquid blush or cheek tints. They may require a bit of extra blending, but these formulas will melt into your skin and stay put better than powder or cream versions. Just be sure to apply quickly, as the long-lasting effects of liquid blush go to work almost instantly—great if you’ve created your perfect glow, not-so-great if you’re accidentally sporting war paint all day.

Waterproof Your Lashes, Line Your Eyes and Shape Your Brows to Avoid Makeup Melting Down Your Face

Aside from Sunday afternoon chick flick marathons, waterproof eye makeup was meant for hot summer days. There’s no need to hide drippy eyes behind huge sunglasses when you’re sure your H2O-resistant mascara is doing its job. When lining your eyes, reach for a gel formula rather than a powder or a liquid, as these have a tendency to smudge and run at the sight of any kind of heat or moisture, which is basically unavoidable in the middle of August.

While the less-is-more look is always a smart option for hot-as-heck days, if you absolutely must fill in your brows, sidestep the powders and shape up with an extra waxy pencil so that you’re sure your brows won’t end up on your eyelids or temples by the time the sun goes down. There’s “hot mess,” and then there’s eyebrows-melted-halfway-down-my-face mess, and it’s good to try to avoid either scenario.

Use a Lip Stain or Grab The Gloss During The Summer Season

If you can’t wear bright lip colors during the summer then what is the point of the season? Luckily, there are two options to rock this look depending on how intense of a style you’re going for.

  • Why avoid wet and sweaty lips when you can beat them at their own game? Embrace the shiny look and layer on a high-pigment, ultra-shimmery gloss. Shades like magenta, orange, and even warm plums look incredible in hotter temps and are a fun change from the classic red lip. Glosses are back in a big way and can amplify an already glistening look, so coat them on!
  • If you’re trying to keep it as mess-free as possible (and maybe aren’t keen on your hair sticking to your lips all afternoon), opt for a weightless lip stain. The cosmetic aisle offers endless choices in just as many colors, and the longer-lasting, light consistency promises that your smile will last through multiple kisses and sips without any stickiness.

Spritz On Setting Spray To Seal Your Look

Another layer sounds like torture when the temperature tips over 90; however, one extra step can ensure longer-lasting wear without time-wasting touch-ups or having to completely redo your look halfway through the day. Simply spritzing your face with setting spray after you’re all done is basically the nail polish top coat equivalent to a face full of makeup, helping to seal in the look and avoid any mess-ups. You can achieve a similar result with loose mineral powder, which will keep the makeup in place, smooth out your skin, and absorb oil.

If mid-day shine is inevitable, reach for oil-absorbing blotting papers to mattify your skin without removing any makeup. These purse-sized skin savers are perfect for keeping your makeup in check on the go.

If scorching temperatures and suffocating humidity keep you from flaunting some of your favorite looks, it’s time to take back your makeup bag and show Mother Nature who’s boss. Sweat-proof beauty is totally possible with the right collection of lightweight products and stay-put formulas. Prepping your skin and sealing it all in are two of the most important steps to creating gorgeous, bright looks without any of the fade, melt, or streaks. Don’t let the threat of sweat keep you from looking and feeling gorgeous!

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Christie Cash
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