Don't Let Your Workout (And Sweat) Ruin Your Skin!

by Christie Cash August 31, 2015

Don't Let Your Workout (And Sweat) Ruin Your Skin!

When sweating for the wedding, getting back to pre-baby weight, or simply pursuing your life-long goal of being a beach goddess, you’ll find that you’ve found a new hobby in breathing hard and getting a bit grungy. Needless to say, it’s totally worth it when you feel gorgeous on the special day, can carry that kid around like it’s nothing, and carry yourself with a little more swagger, but the celebrations can be a bit stilted if your fab figure came at the expense of clear skin.

Formulated with biotin and green tea, BikiniBOD promotes the strength and growth of hair, skin and nails, and boasts anti-aging properties to keep you youthful and radiant. Reap as many benefits as you can by giving the following pre- and post-workout clear-skin tips a try; what good is a glow if it’s stuck under a layer of sallow skin?


1. Start with a clean face.

Coming straight from work or class and doing the quick-change into workout gear in order to get down to business as soon as possible is admirable…to everyone except your skin.

Your pores have already been hanging out under a layer of concealer, foundation, and blush all day, do you really want to add sweat on top of that? A breakout is inevitable. Besides, the girl at the gym in a full face and perfectly curled locks never appears to be trying all that hard, and your toned biceps and killer calves prove that that’s definitely not the case. Clear up your skin and any misconceptions with a quick rinse or swipe with a makeup remover cloth.

Even if you're not a makeup wearer, cleansing the face before you climb on the stationary bike is a smart idea. A cleanser or toner with benzoyl peroxide can help prevent future issues by taking care of the bacteria that might already be hanging out in your pores so that the new bacteria introduced by sweat and general gym grime doesn’t have a buddy to latch on to.

2. Safeguard from the Sun.

If your exercise plan takes you out of the gym and into some fresh air, remember to apply sunscreen. There are several varieties formulated specifically for the active crowd that will protect your skin while keeping the product from running into your eyes.

To get firmer skin while you firm up that tush, consider applying a topical Vitamin C under your sunscreen. Vitamin C is a co-factor in the production of collagen, so it will keep fine lines at bay. Another easy way to avoid premature wrinkling is to wear sport sunglasses and wear lip balm – constant squinting will only encourage the formation of crow’s feet, and persistently licking your lips will dry them out.


1. Shower it off.

Girls do not sweat, they glisten. BikiniBOD women, on the other hand, definitely sweat. A lot. How else would you know how awesome of a workout you just had? However, after you’ve taken your “check out how good I look” selfie in the locker room mirror, be sure to wash that sweat away as soon as possible. While it’s a great indicator of your hard work, residual perspiration on the skin can clog pores and lead to irritation, zits, and some not-so-lady-like smells. Exfoliate from head to toe to remove dead skin and nourish it back to beauty by following up with a rich moisturizer.

2. Drink water!

Sweating dehydrates you. Dehydrated skin can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, and regardless of how many serums and creams you apply to the surface, you won’t see true, lasting benefits unless you’re drinking enough water. Keep hydrated throughout your workout, and be sure to drink enough afterward to aid in recovery.

3. Keep it Light.

While we would advise embracing a fresh face after exercising, if you feel the need to apply a little makeup post-gym, try a more simple routine.

If you’re still a bit overheated, splash some cool water on your face to combat redness, then swap the heavy foundation for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream to even out skin tone while still letting skin breathe. There’s nothing like the rosy glow that comes from an hour of heart-pumping good work, so prolong those effects with a sheer cheek stain in place of powder blush, which might end up looking a bit cakey. A light coat of mascara and a tinted balm are all you need to complete the look and enhance your afterglow.

Getting started with BikiniBOD means kicking off an amazing new life with more energy, greater happiness, and beautiful hair, skin and nails. It also means getting wonderfully sweaty, which is awesome until it starts to affect that beautiful skin. Doing a little bit more before and after your workout to keep yourself clean and blemish-free will let your radiant new self shine even brighter.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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