The True Beauty Behind the Before & After: BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador Morgan Mymon

by Christie Cash September 08, 2015

The True Beauty Behind the Before & After: BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador Morgan Mymon

It's the BikiniBOD before and after that has inspired women throughout the community.

The real life transformation that helped grad student Morgan Mymon feel like herself again after stress took a dramatic toll on her body. Like many others in college with a busy schedule, the bubbly and intelligent grad student was juggling studying for finals, attending weekly sorority meetings and trying to work all within a crammed semester. After gaining weight, she could barely recognize the person she saw in the mirror. Morgan was happy to tell us about how BikiniBOD helped in her weight loss journey and explain how being a Brand Ambassador really means flaunting what you got and loving yourself.

Tell the BikiniBOD community a little bit about yourself.

I am a graduate student working on my doctorate in physical therapy, a group fitness instructor, and a trainer. My friends say I am the energizer bunny and I am always full of life. I love helping others, being active and am addicted to spicy food and frozen yogurt (not together).

Frozen yogurt is definitely a guilty pleasure for a lot of us. What has the weight loss journey been like for you?

When I started grad school, all the stress took a toll on me, especially my weight. I gained over 25lbs and went from abs to not even recognizing the person in the mirror. I felt like I was stuck in a fat suit. So I promised myself from that day forward I would be working my butt off (literally) to get back in shape.

That's amazing and now you’re a group fitness instructor, how did you start becoming involved in fitness?

I have been active almost all of my life. I was always into sports and loved the feeling I got after I would work out. I would get bored at the gym if I just did the same thing every day; I like to say I have exercise A.D.D. so I would go to group fitness classes a lot to change up my workout. I started seeing what I liked and what I didn't and thought hey I can do this. I mean who doesn't want to get paid to work out, so I got certified and the rest is history.

What have been the most notable differences about your body since your lifestyle change?

I have much more muscle now and way more toned than I used to be. I love pushing myself every day to see what I am capable of achieving. I have also gained even more energy so I can keep up my workouts.

Describe how taking BikiniBOD as affected your group workouts and beauty routine?

I have more energy, can push myself further, and give my clients the best work out of their lives. I don't even use the mic anymore because I have enough stamina to scream it out and jump around without dropping to the floor.

I understand you were pre-cautious about taking supplements, what made BikiniBOD different from other appetite suppressing pills?

The fact that it is all natural and there weren't any ingredients that could harm my body.

Since BikiniBOD is made For Women. By Women, what has being involved in a sorority taught you about female empowerment and the importance of sisterhood?

It is all about girl power! Only other women know what we go through on a daily basis, our struggles/strengths. It is important to note that there are not a "one-size fits all" approach and our bodies all react differently. Having a support system of other women not only gives you a sense of belonging and sisterhood, but you have others that you can actually relate to.

We love the sense of community that comes from a female empowered group! What is your favorite part about being a BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador?

Helping to inspire others to achieve their personal fitness goals to be the best they can be. Giving other women the chance to see real women rather than airbrushed and photoshopped models inspires hope. We all have our flaws and our strengths it’s important to flaunt what you got. Love yourself for who you are now.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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