How to Balance Your Busy Schedule on BikiniBOD: Advice from Brand Ambassador Dawn Castillo

by Christie Cash September 14, 2015

How to Balance Your Busy Schedule on BikiniBOD: Advice from Brand Ambassador Dawn Castillo

Meet Dawn Castillo: Driven, a Dreamer, and an absolute Foodie… (Sounds just like our BikiniBOD Team!)

Dawn is the BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador whose hectic schedule takes her from being a full-time student by day to a popular blogger by night. Does having responsibility five days a week only to remember you have more responsibility to catch up on as soon as you want to sit down and catch a breath? We can relate, and so can Dawn.

This BikiniBOD blogging beauty introduces you to a new way of loving food that is good for your body. Her passion for health is inspiring to so many of her followers and love for BikiniBOD is why she is featured as our Brand Ambassador of the Month!

Tell the BikiniBOD community about yourself.

Hello Beauties,
My name is Dawn Castillo, and I'm what you call a "dreamer." I'm currently on a journey of pursuing my goals; one that is most important to me is opening up my own cafe. I'm currently attending college to get my B.A in Business. I recently got bitten by a traveling bug, so I made a promise to take a trip out the country to a new and exciting destination each year.

Other than my goals underneath I’m very down to earth trying to figure out life like the rest of us. I laugh as much as possible; I love binge watching on Netflix, staying up late, and indulging in food that’s no good for you. I figure that life is too short not to enjoy your most simplistic pleasures.

How did you become involved in Blogging/YouTube?

I remember sitting in my room looking through some of my favorite bloggers. I thought to myself and said, “why don't I start my website and blog”. Truly, Blogging has become a very fun and exciting passion. Through it, I have met some amazing people from the blog world, and it's inspired me to do more with it.

With a full-time job and a busy schedule, it's hard to keep everything organized, but I do hope to fill my down time with more blogs and YouTube videos. My goal for my blog is to empower all types of women and bring my uniqueness to it. My love for food, traveling and beauty is what inspired me to start my YouTube channel and blog. Join me on this new journey called life.

I love that! Your blog Dawn Castillo is about Fashion, Food, Health and Travel. Which of the three is your favorite and why?

My favorite has to be, Food and Travel. If you follow my feed, you can see that the majority of all my posts are food related! I'm actually in the works with a good friend of mine to start some segments on "Best Places to eat in L.A" and "How to score three meals under $25 bucks." I'm excited to start this because this is something I'm truly passionate about. I mean who doesn't LOVE FOOD.

Free Nutrition Plan

Exactly, food is a passion for a lot of people. What places or things inspire you to write your blog posts?

Last year, when I traveled to Paris for the first time, I got inspired. While sipping coffee at a local cafe, I realized that I wanted to make my dreams of opening my cafe a reality. I hated myself for not blogging about Paris and videotaping my experiences. After I had come back from Paris, that's when I began brainstorming and creating my blog.

I want to help inspire everyone to see the world and experience life outside of your comfort zone. I just booked my 2016 trip to Spain, and I'm super eager to share my trip with all of you. Vacationing in Paris helped me realize that I wanted to start my own business and start blogging.

That sounds like an exciting trip to take, how exciting! Tell me what you do to stay fit and healthy with such a hectic schedule.

Personally, for me staying fit came into play when I met my boyfriend, Matthew. He was all about working out and fitness. It all started when he decided to join "CrossFit". For those that don't know what CrossFit is, it's a high-intensity workout that focuses on weight lifting, cardio, strengthening, and endurance. My boyfriend insisted that I give CrossFit a try, but I fought him every single time, that CrossFit wasn't for me. It wasn't until I tried it that I fell in love with it.

After that, I fell in love with how my body started to feel and how confident I started to feel in my skin. Having a well-balanced meal and workout schedule is crucial when trying to achieve your goals. Personally, I still have a long way to go with how I want to look and the fitness status I want to get too, but overall, I'm just happy being healthy and alive.

What was the deciding factor in becoming a part of the BikiniBOD community?

I remember first hearing about BikiniBOD and thought, it would be a great opportunity to join the BikiniBOD family. That's when I met, Christie Cash, the Chief Ambassador for BinikiBOD. I was offered an amazing opportunity to become a BikiniBOD Ambassador and help encourage women all around to love the skin they're in.

I consider BinikiBOD to be my Instagram family and such inspiring women. This is the part of blogging that I love, getting to work with women that have the same goals and mindset. I love everything this company stood for, so becoming a part of the BikiniBOD Community was a no-brainer.

What new product could BikiniBOD create that would help you in your health, fitness and beauty routine?

Personally, I'm a girl that loves a good challenge! I would like to see a monthly challenge between the BikiniBOD Community. For example, who can lose the most inches or body fat within a month, or the most improvement within a month.

This would be a great way to encourage women and help them reach their goals!

How has BikiniBOD affected your personal lifestyle?

There aren't enough kind words to express my gratitude towards BikiniBOD. I support their vision in wanting to help women out. This supplement has changed my life because it has given me the motivation I need to want to live a healthier lifestyle. Seeing my fellow ambassadors and their progress inspires me to want to become better in life and health. I admire these women and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Weightloss journey for Healthy Lifestyle

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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