Eat More and Weigh Less: Foods To Shed Those Stubborn Pounds

by Christie Cash January 15, 2016

Eat More and Weigh Less: Foods To Shed Those Stubborn Pounds

At this point, you know enough to know that starving yourself not only leaves you all kinds of miserable, but it has the exact opposite effect of helping to lose weight. Depriving the body of calories significantly slows down one’s metabolism, to the point that anything you do consume is held onto by the body in desperation, meaning excess absorption of fat that would otherwise not be an issue if enjoying a sufficient diet.

Long story short: Eat. Always. Just eat the right things!


“Oh nooo, fat is bad!” False. Bad fat is bad. Good fat, like the healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) in avocados, contain awesome things like oleic acid which may trigger your body to actually quiet hunger. A quarter or a half of an avocado alongside any meal of the day can melt belly fat away with some bonus fiber and protein.


Portable and versatile, there’s really no excuse to not have a banana with you at all times. A slightly green, medium-sized fruit will tide you over for the better part of an afternoon, and will boost your metabolism with its 12.5 grams of resistant starch.

Black beans:

Add a hearty spoonful to your eggs or salad for a vegetarian-friendly source of yummy protein. A cup of black beans packs a whopping 15 grams of satisfying protein, sans the saturated fat found in other sources, like red meat.


Tiny but mighty, these anti-aging powerhouses are a truly figure-friendly snack: A 1-cup serving sets you back only 80 calories while providing 4 grams of fiber.


Tiny but mighty, these anti-aging powerhouses are a truly figure-friendly snack: A 1-cup serving sets you back only 80 calories while providing 4 grams of fiber.

Brown rice:

Time to change the idiom to like brown on rice, because we don’t see its white counterpart burning fat and revving up the metabolism with 1.7 grams of resistant starch per half-cup serving. Plus, brown rice is a low-energy-density food, meaning it's heavy and filling while remaining low in calories.


Keep sickness at bay with this leafy green rich in vitamin C. We’re sure your grandmother has umpteen recipes for the vegetable, along with a few all-natural remedies to cure whatever ails you.


“Cruciferous cauliflower kills cancer.” Say that five times fast. This multitasking vegetable is full of cancer-fighting phytonutrients while also being a great source of folate and vitamin C. Enjoying it raw or lightly steamed will maximize its antioxidant power, so keep things au naturale.


Slice into the red and pink varieties for a tart treat that is exceptional for heart health. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folic acid, potassium, lycopene…it’s like each sweet section was grown specifically to keep you in tip-top shape.


A pound of lettuce will set you back a mere 60–70 calories. A more reasonable serving size, when mixed with other slimming foods from this list, will put you in diet-friendly nirvana. Romaine lettuce alone is a great source of B vitamins, folic acid, and manganese to help regulate blood sugar and keep your immune system functioning correctly.


Symbolically, the pear tree symbolizes inner peace, and the fruit itself is a symbol of affection in many cultures. To love yourself and be happy in your skin, be sure to put the peeler away and keep the skin on to reap the benefits of this amazing fruit. One pear packs 15% of your daily recommended amount of fiber and is a better source of potassium, calcium and magnesium than its friend, the apple.


Bring some color to your veggie intake with these brightly root vegetables loaded with potassium, folic acid, antioxidants, and sulfur compounds that aid in digestion. Remember to hold on to the leafy green tops, which contain six times the vitamin C and more calcium than the roots.


Are you part of the 50% of women ages 18 to 50 who aren’t sure if they get enough protein in their diet? If so, the answer is no, you don’t. Up your intake with salmon; a leaner choice than red meat plus a wonderfully overwhelming source of MUFAs.


This leafy green goddess is so rich in vitamins it might as well be the alphabet. Additionally, it supplies iron, folic acid, lutein, and beta-carotene, protecting eyes against age-related macular degeneration while giving your appearance a healthy lift.

Stocking your fridge and pantry can lead to weight loss, as long as it’s stocked with the right things. Foods that load your system up with disease fighters and beauty boosters are the ultimate multitaskers, and if they can help you shed those stubborn extra pounds, you’ve pretty much run out of excuses not to have them at arm’s reach. Good foods make you feel and look great, so be the champion of your fitness goals and eat up!

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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