Heat-Free Halloween: No-Heat Hair Styles to Pair with Your Costume

by Christie Cash January 15, 2016

Heat-Free Halloween: No-Heat Hair Styles to Pair with Your Costume

Transforming into a pop star, Mother of Dragons or Left Shark this Halloween is an effort in and of itself, but one that can fall short pretty quickly if not paired with the right hair style (minus Left Shark, but we bet you could rock a mean sock bun inside that suit).

Perfect costume and perfect hair? Great, if you’ve got the time and energy after hot-gluing 150+ sequins to a mini skirt. You’ve been scoring some major benefits from the biotin in BikiniBOD, so save your hair from unnecessary—and damaging—heat styling and check out these ‘dos that will look awesome while helping you save your energy for what really matters: breaking it down on the dance floor.

No-Heat Hair Band Curls

Beachy waves in the middle of Fall? Make your princess costume legit with this easy way to get gorgeous twists overnight and without the curling iron.

  • Mist hair with water to get it a little damp
  • Put elastic hair band around head and across forehead
  • Taking 1-1 ½ inch sections of hair below the hair band, twist each one away from the face, then secure through and around the hair band
  • Continue with each section all the way around your head
  • Sleep on it, and when you wake up, you’ll have a head of gorgeous, natural-looking waves without the heat! Just loosen them up with your fingers and get your hips a-wigglin’

Big Ol' Sock Bun

For this quick and easy look, you’ll need a clean sock, scissors, and a hair tie. What’s the point in dressing up as a ballerina if you don’t get to rock the perfect bun?

  • Cut toe from the sock and roll it into a donut shape
  • Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure tightly with a hair tie
  • Pull the end of your ponytail through the hole of the sock “donut,” and fan the ends around
  • Start to roll the ponytail through the sock, going slowly so as not to have any loose spots or flyaways
  • Continue to roll to the base of the ponytail. If necessary, secure with a few bobby pins to keep it in place
  • Spray lightly with hairspray, and get ready to pirouette the night away (or just spin haphazardly)

The Top Bow

Mini Mouse, Lady Gaga, Your 2nd Grade Yearbook Photo—a slew of fabulous ladies have showed off their girly side with a big bow right on top of their head. This version, made entirely of your own hair, looks so much more complicated than it really is, so your costume contest score is sure to be high in the “Skills” category.

  • Brush hair into a high middle or high side ponytail, only pulling halfway through on your last loop through the hair tie leaving a long tail
  • Fan the looped hair and split into two sections
  • Wrap the tail ends once around the hair tie, then between the divided loop
  • Secure the rest of the loose ends with a few bobby pins
  • Mist with hairspray
  • Look adorable

The Perfect French Twist

A great choice if your costume is French Maid, or Girl Who Hasn’t Washed Her Hair Since Thursday and This is as Good as Its Gonna Get.

  • Comb all hair over to the left side of the head
  • Secure with bobby pins interlocking vertically up the center from the nape of the neck to a little below the crown
  • Fold hair over the pins, rolling the ends under your hand
  • Roll tighter against the head, and secure with bobby pins inserted directly into the side of the roll
  • Tuck ends under and into the roll and hold with a few more pins
  • Answer “Oui!” to everything, no matter what the question

Try A Braided Crown

A tiara is a quick fix for adding a shot of royalty to any costume, but a crown of braids gives you that medieval edge that tells people you’re this cool out of costume, too.

  • Tease hair at the crown, and pull into a half-up style. Secure with bobby pins
  • Divide the hair into two sections
  • On one side, braid or twist the entire section, then pull over top of your head and pin the ends behind your ear
  • On the other side, divide the section in two, then braid or twist each section individually. Wrap one braid over top the head, behind the original braid. Wrap the other overtop, in front of the original braid. Pin the ends of both behind the opposite ear.
  • Tame a dragon or two

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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