How to Fix Your Holiday Food Hangover

by Christie Cash January 14, 2016

How to Fix Your Holiday Food Hangover

So. It happened. You promised yourself it wouldn’t. You guaranteed you were going to stay on track this year, and you had your plate all planned out (veggies! Color! Just one scoop of stuffing!). Yet here you lie in the middle of the living room floor with a 6-month-old food baby and the ability to speak only in grunts.

It happened

Instead of dwelling on how that one scoop turned to three and how you completely lost count of the amount of dinner rolls you consumed, remember that if ever a slip-up or deviation from your typical healthy eating plan was going to occur, Thanksgiving was the time. Do not stress over it or punish yourself in any way, because at the end of the day it was just a bigger-than-usual meal and now you’re a bit uncomfortable. Step right back into your routine with the help of the following tips that can help lessen the blow of your feast and set you right back on the path to losing weight and feeling fabulous.

Don't Skip

If your natural impulse after enjoying one calorie too many is to go the complete opposite direction and not eat at all, you’re setting yourself up for diet disaster. Depriving yourself of food—now and at any time—seriously messes with your metabolism and won’t allow your body to properly process both the food you indulged in or the foods you follow up with. A fiber-filled day-after breakfast like a cup of oatmeal or bowl of cereal will support healthy digestion and keep you satisfied without tossing you back into the throes of a food coma.

Do Sip

Hydrating well right after a great meal will keep everything moving and alleviate some of the sluggishness that can come when you over-carbo load. Continuing the trend the following morning with a big glass of water as soon as you wake up will give you a much-needed energy boost to start the new day. Drinking 2-3 liters (about 12 cups) throughout the day will seem like a bit much when you’re already feeling full, but we can guarantee it’ll stave off any lingering lethargy or bloating.

Move your Body

Bouncing around in a Zumba class or lacing up for a 5-mile run can seem daunting on a stomach of Thanksgiving fare, but getting your blood pumping is your best defense against the dreaded food hangover. Cardio will rev up your metabolism and will help kick feelings of “blah” to the curb. Even a quick set of 20 lunges or squats will burn a few extra calories and rebalance your blood sugars. If you really can’t fathom that much activity, keep it low key with some twisty yoga moves. Revolved Side Angle and Revolved Triangle poses will provide a great stretch to your core, upper back, and legs, supporting digestion and releasing toxins.

Rinse it Off, then Button it Up

Completely welcome the day with a hot shower. Gently breathing in the steam while exfoliating your skin will help you be more at ease with your body and feels just plain good. After your shower, don’t slip right back into your stretchy pajama pants and Men’s XXXL sweatshirt: choose an outfit that you feel confident in while still allowing for some comfort (we understand that the crop top might not be at the top of the list right now). Knowing you look good has a direct impact on how awesome you feel, so don’t let the slothfulness hang around just because you think your jeans might not fit. They will, and your overall mood will improve because of it.

Eat Clean

You don’t necessarily have to dive headfirst into an intense detox or commit to a three-day liquid diet, but returning to a more healthful, balanced way of eating will put you right back to where you were before all that pie. Light meals full of fresh seasonal produce and whole grains will provide an extra dose of nutrients that might have been missing from those green beans drowned in butter and salt. While those leftovers are calling your name from the fridge, evade the Tupperware and reach for more wholesome picks like apples, peppers with hummus, or spinach salad with almonds. Seasoning your choices with natural detoxifiers like turmeric, cinnamon, and cayenne can jazz up your metabolism while helping to control your cravings so that extra plate of gravy-doused turkey won’t seem like an integral lunch option after all.

Holidays are synonymous with vacations, feasts, and celebrations, and everyone should feel free to be a wee bit excessive this time of year. However, there are ways to bounce back should you somewhat over-fulfill your indulgent spirit, and with the help of BikiniBOD and a great attitude, no amount of casserole can come between you and your goals.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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