The "No Makeup" Makeup Look for the Gym

by Christie Cash January 14, 2016

The "No Makeup" Makeup Look for the Gym

Tons of holiday party invitations but no plus-one in sign

If finding a date during a night out, while sipping green tea at a cafe, or at the (gasp) suggestion of your mother hasn’t been working out as well as you’d hoped, maybe you’ll find the right person while working out. The gym is full of potential suitors, and you know you already have at least one thing in common!

While it may not be the most sophisticated location for your “So how did you two meet?” story, the gym is still a pretty excellent place to at least browse your options. We typically advise exercising with as clean a face as possible to avoid any unnecessary breakouts, and we’re positive your impeccable push-up form is impressive enough, but sometimes a flirty swipe of color can go a long way. Your body confidence is going to be irresistible, might as well reel them all the way in with some well-placed mascara!

Discover the no makeup, makeup look that could lead to a first date at the bar…the squat bar, that

Spot Treatment-

A full face may not be necessary for you, but knowing your red spots and dark circles are being kept at bay will give you any extra boost of confidence you might need. Try a concealer containing salicylic acid that will help treat any blemishes while making them invisible to the cutie one treadmill over. Maybe they want to race?

Just a Tint -

If you plan on really getting after those thighs today, mixing a forehead dripping in sweat with caked foundation is probably not your best bet when trying to attract the gym hotties. However, for a bit more coverage on a low-impact day, choose an oil-free formula that will still allow the skin to breathe, or reach for the tinted moisturizer. Flushed but still flawless, see what the babe at the water fountain is planning for a post-workout snack. Maybe you can share a protein bar!

Rosy Glow -


You’re already working hard enough to earn some natural color on your cheeks, but if you’d like to enhance the look, pick powdered blush over cream formulas. Powder in petal pink or bold coral will provide color that will stay put while the oils in the cream blush are more likely to smear. It’s tough to achieve an “Absolutely!” on a coffee date request when you’ve got a smudge of hot pink streaked down your cheek.

A Kiss of Color -


Thick glosses + sweat + drinking from a water bottle = not cute. Classic red put + workout clothes = trying way too hard. A bit of color on your lips is perfectly fine, and it’s smart to keep them moisturized, but overdoing it just doesn’t make sense during your sweat sesh. Your best option? A lip stain! A sheer hint of color will stick around through every sip of water without being too heavy, and when a certain someone sees you smiling through your mountain climbers (yes, it’s possible!), they’ll be asking when they can see that grin again.

Waterproof Wink -


Unless you’re trying to attract woodland creatures, the raccoon-eye look is something you’d like to avoid. Waterproof mascara is crucial for bringing definition to your lashes without any outrageous eyeshadow or liner tricks. A coat or two on your upper and lower lashes won’t look overdone but will bring everyone’s attention to your eyes, which will be a nice break from the bi’s and tri’s.

Chilly temps and cozy sweaters are what make this season great, and someone to cuddle up with can be pretty fabulous, too. We don’t doubt that you’ve already generated some serious attention from your fellow gym-goers, so play up your natural gorgeousness with some easy beauty tricks and see if your Holiday Beau turns into a Springtime Something More.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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