Snow Glow: 8 Quick Tips for Healthy Radiant Winter Skin

by Christie Cash January 14, 2016

Snow Glow: 8 Quick Tips for Healthy Radiant Winter Skin

Snow Glow: 8 Quick Tips for Radiant Winter Skin

Achieving rosy cheeks from harsh winter winds and a Rudolph nose from excessive tissue use isn’t exactly terrible this time of year. However, with all of the holiday parties and exciting activities that seem to unfold during the season, the extra steps that go into accomplishing a luminous glow rather than a chapped, red rash are worth the effort to look festive and fabulous. A Bikini Babe already has the beautifying ingredients in BikiniBOD on her side, but a little extra moisturizer and shimmer never hurt!

Warm, not Hot

Thawing out the shivers in a hot shower feel amazing after spending all day in a winter wonderland, but to maintain your skin’s natural oils, keep it from losing too much moisture, lukewarm water is best. Be especially aware of water temps when washing your hands, which are more prone to dryness and cracking since they are rinsed multiple times a day.

Slough it Off

Wearing layers? Yes, that extra sweater is a genius idea. Layers of dead skin cells, however, are a different story. Hand creams and fortifying ingredients, can’t penetrate properly if the dead cells are too plentiful, so exfoliating is a must. Try an exfoliating peel, which will remove the unnecessary top layer of dead cells while revealing gorgeous, healthy skin underneath.

Time and Ingredients are of the Essence

To lock in as much moisture as possible, apply a nourishing lotion or cream as soon after cleansing as possible. Avoid formulas with petroleum-based ingredients, which can dry out your skin even further, as well as water-based solutions that don’t retain much of the good stuff. Use an oil-based, all-natural pick with ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba, and lavender, which can soothe itchy skin while promoting a healthier look overall.

Luminous Boost

Ready to bring the glow to your next event of the season? Mix a few drops of liquid highlighter into your lotion or foundation to provide a subtle sheen that will look gorgeous in soft lighting. If your skin is missing the sun, resist the urge to climb into the tanning bed and fake your bake the healthy way by mixing liquid bronzer with your regular body lotion. It will give you natural color that is plenty believable for the middle of December.

Cover it All

no area should go un-moisturized this time of year. The face, hands, elbows, knees, feet, and especially lips all benefit from an extra layer of lotion when temps drop (be sure to pamper your lips properly with BikiniBOD lip balm, offering comforting ingredients and a protective dose of SPF 15. Available on all BikiniBOD purchases with promo code BBSPF15). Some of these areas lose moisture faster than others, so to ensure 24/7 comfort, consider slathering a thick conditioning formula all over and sleeping in soft cotton PJ’s and socks to lock it all in until morning.

Drink, Drank, Drink Again

It’s easy to reach for coffee and hot cocoa when temps drop for their pro warm-up status, but aside from the added calories, these drinks aren’t as hydrating as our good friend water. Try warm water with a slice of lemon for flavor. Feel great and look beautiful doing it!

Protect Your Neck

And hands, and ears, and toes! All of your favorite wintertime accessories aren’t just for looking like an adorable snow bunny: they’re essential for shielding the skin from wind, rain, and snow. For the areas that you have no choice but to expose, remember your sunscreen! Hitting the slopes instead of the surf doesn’t make UVA and UVB rays any less damaging, and their reflection off of snow can sometimes be even more harmful. As always, SPF 15 or above is a must.

Beauty Eats

Snacking on holiday desserts and warming comfort foods will allow you to taste the season, but their processed sugars and empty calories won’t do much for a radiant complexion. Enjoy antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries, pomegranate seeds, and dark chocolate to promote quick turnover of skin cells, giving you a natural flush while healthy fats like salmon and avocado boost collagen production that moisturizes your skin from the inside.

If you really want to achieve a festive winter glow, feel free to wrap yourself in a string of Christmas lights and weave tinsel through your hair. For the subtle many of us, the previous tips should do the trick. BikiniBOD has given you the glowing skin, long and strong nails, and shiny hair to make an entrance at any holiday get-together: just add moisture, some glimmer, and a cute pair of earmuffs to show off that full-on seasonal sparkle.Enjoy!Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the BikiniBOD newsletter to get beauty tips, fitness motivation and yummy recipes!

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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