Fitness Wardrobe Advice from BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador: Theresa Campbell

by Jordan Taffet February 24, 2016 1 Comment

Fitness Wardrobe Advice from BikiniBOD Brand Ambassador: Theresa Campbell

Theresa Campbell, also known as "Shark", is a fierce fitness enthusiast who loves creating apparel. Campbell is the CEO and founder of Shark's Bites of Life, a lifestyle apparel brand for the active individual. 

Tell the BikiniBOD community about yourself.

I am the business owner of Shark’s Bites of Life apparel, a clothing company dedicated to creating cute, comfortable, quality apparel for men and women. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design and love creating unique designs for customers to be proud of wearing. I am a fitness fanatic who enjoys everything from lifting super heavy weights to yoga and rollerblading. I played college ice hockey and multiple other sports growing up. I am always looking to better my mind and body and fitness plays a huge role in my life!

How did you decide to start Shark’s Bites of Life, and where did the creative name come from?

I wanted to create an affordable workout apparel line that is high quality. I wanted items I couldn't find in stores and decided I should just make them. My passions are design and fitness so I combined them together and made it my business!

The nickname 'Shark' was given to me by my boyfriend (now husband) back when I was in college, now everyone calls me Shark. The second half (Bites of Life) is just that - parts of my life!! I love to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and I think it shows in everything I do. So why not wear it on my sleeve for all to see!

What is your biggest inspiration for creating new, catchy slogans?

It changes all the time, usually my new designs are inspired by what I feel on a given day, or what I’m currently into. Like right now I am prepping for my first NPC Bikini competition and so my creativity is coming from the foods I eat and the feelings I have going through the process. I know that if I am motivated by something, that others are too. My husband also gives me great ideas for more manly slogans like my “TOO MOTIVATED” and my men’s “abs” design.

What do you see trending for Spring as far as fitness-wear goes?

I have always been into the cutout shirts, open back and semi crop-top look, I see them more and more as of lately. Bold prints and colors like neons have been coming on strong, I like to add bright pops of colors and plan to add more as we get closer to summer. I also have been branching more into the loungewear because who doesn’t love a comfy tee to throw on with a pair of jeans or cutoffs?!

What do you recommend for our BikiniBOD community when choosing their fitness-wear?

Buy something that will make you feel good, when you feel good in something it will make you work harder. Try and break out of your comfort zone with a new style, it just might be that edge you need to push harder at the gym. Don’t just buy something because it is expensive or because everybody else has it, be original and look for that gem that is perfect for you and don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd!

What kind of exercise do you like to do to stay fit and healthy?

My go to workout is usually lifting weights and using resistance-type bands. My ultimate favorite cardio is rollerblading. It is the best way to activate your core, glutes, legs and basically you’ll feel it in your whole body. You can keep your heart rate in that sweet spot for burning fat and incorporate sprints and hills to get that extra burn. I have a bubble butt and I like to credit the years of playing hockey and rollerblading to that:)

What was your deciding factor for becoming a part of the BikiniBOD community?


When I first got wind of BikiniBOD from the main ambassador Christie Cash I knew it was going to be a product I would love. The fact that it is made by women, specifically for women won me over. I was already taking some of the ingredients each day separately, so with BikiniBOD I was able to limit my vitamins down to 1 amazing fat burning, focusing pill.

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Jordan Taffet
Jordan Taffet


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Eli Jacquett
Eli Jacquett

May 31, 2017

Awww there are amazing workout clothes for us ladies . Love this girl ❤

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