Wrinkle-LESS without the Face Lift (The Hottest Skin Care Tips)

by Jordan Taffet August 17, 2016 3 Comments

Wrinkle-LESS without the Face Lift (The Hottest Skin Care Tips)

Alright Beauty- here's the hard truth: you WILL age which WILL cause wrinkles. But don't worry because there are some easy tips and tricks that you can commit to on a daily basis to help tighten up that loose skin. 

1. Collagen 

Collagen is a natural protein that your body makes, however, as you start to age, the production of collagen slows, leading to wrinkling. Drink a morning or evening Tea that includes your daily dose of collagen for a delicious and easy way to tighten up your skin!  

2. Oil Up, Babe

Use an oil, such as avocado oil, and rub a small portion on your wrinkles. Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin A, D, E, lecithin, beta-carotene, potassium, and antioxidants that help to tighten your skin. 

3. Flush Out Your System

Proper hydration and consumption of antioxidant and fiber-rich foods is crucial for maintaining a tight complexion. If you need to shock your system- try a juice cleanse balanced with lots of veggie consumption. Your skin will thank you! 

4. Silky Smooth  

"Silky Smooth" got its claim to fame somewhere, right?! YES- using a silk pillowcase can not only help you to get a better night's sleep but also can help to keep your hair and skin silky smooth. 

5. Get Made Up

Even if you follow all of these tips, you will STILL age and ultimately STILL wrinkle. Invest in that high quality foundation, eye cream, or whatever other product will help you feel beautiful. Because at the end of the day, if you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. 

These tips are simply an intro to the full scoop on becoming an anti-aging goddess. Want more info? Download our FREE E-book "Beauty Sleep 101" now! 



Jordan Taffet
Jordan Taffet


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May 31, 2017

Great blog article, lots of information.


May 25, 2017

I’ve just turned forty and am always on the look out for anything anti aging,


May 18, 2017

I take collagen powder in my water or smoothies and i immediately noticed a difference in my skin. Nice post.

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