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Fake it Baby

by Christie Cash March 02, 2018

Fake it Baby
Let's be honest sometimes we just need something quick and easy, that will make us look FAB and GLOW-ING going into spring season! We are all about hitting our BOD goals; However, sometimes we just need something QUICK!
Say no more beauties our newest product Skinny Glow is all the rage! Not only will you get a chic golden tan, but it also is infused with Guarana and Caffeine to help tighten those troubled areas. You know the Cellulite we can't believe we have!
If you need a quick fix, this is your new secret weapon.

What is Guarana and how does it work?

Guarana is a derived from a South African plant in Brazil; it has the highest concentration of caffeine known to plant. Caffeine can give the skin a dehydrating effect which helps tighten areas and helps temporarily shrink cells and fat cells. Can we get a HALLELUJAH!

How long does the Tan last and what color can I  expect?

First and foremost this tan looks GORGEOUS on all skin tones, and it does NOT look orange. In fact, when you are applying the product, you might think it looks a bit muddy/brownish TRUST us that's a good thing. Once the product is applied, allow it to do its magic in the next hour or more! Lightly wash off, and you will have a beautiful chic tan that can last up to 7 days!!!!!

Below you will see one application!


Did we mention that Skinny Glow doesn't stain your sheets or clothing! We always want to make sure that we are bringing our community the BEST premium products and Skinny Glow has been such a great addition. We had this manufactured in Australia and sent over here to our head quarters here in Sunny Southern California, I mean the Aussies are always a step ahead with those beautiful tans, now we know that they FAKE it as well. Beautiful skin is in, and as much as we love a golden tan, the Sun can cause MEGA wrinkles. 



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6 Steps to applying Skinny Glow

by Christie Cash September 25, 2017 2 Comments

6 Steps to applying Skinny Glow