Be A Bikini Babe For Labor Day!

by Jordan Taffet August 30, 2016 2 Comments

Be A Bikini Babe For Labor Day!

If you haven't fully achieved your summer bod yet- don't worry! Labor Day is a fantastic excuse to end summer with a bang (and a hot physique)! 

Here are our tips and tricks for looking your best at your Labor Day pool party! 

1. Eat clean, get lean

You will definitely not lean out quickly if your diet isn't on point. And this may come with sacrificing a few of your cheat meals (but only for a short period of time)! If you eat healthy and clean for even just one week, your body will automatically start to lean out, hold less water, and shed some fat (try our Ultimate Beauty Body Formula for an extra head start). 

2. Own Your Bod


At BikiniBOD HQ, our motto is "own your bod". Confidence is more important then any other factor as a Bikini Babe. Buy a flattering swimsuit, do your hair, and own your bod. Fake it till you make it-babe. 

3. Find some motivation 

If you are on a health kick, or simply need some extra encouragement when trying on bikinis, surround yourself with people who will provide that for you (or be that strength for yourself)! A best friend, family member, or some personal, positive self-talk can go a long way. No one is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. 

Rock this Labor Day with BikiniBOD! 

Jordan Taffet
Jordan Taffet


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May 25, 2017

So inspiring! Thank you!


May 24, 2017

I love all those things

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