Revamp Your Girls Night In (Make It Healthy)

by Jordan Taffet April 27, 2016

Revamp Your Girls Night In (Make It Healthy)

We all love a good girls night- especially when it's filled with donuts, chocolate, wine, juicy gossip and Never Have I Ever. It's easy to go overboard and wake up the next morning still on a sugar high, accompanied by a pounding headache. Here are three easy tricks to revamp your girls night without the guilt. 

1. Throw in some healthy options

While its tempting to go straight for the candy aisle at Target, add some balance to the carbohydrates your consuming by incorporating some healthy, but still equally delicious, snacks. For example, melt that dark chocolate over some air-popped popcorn or some strawberries and VOILA- healthy snacks. You don't have to ditch all the candy- there's always room for a few M&Ms or starbursts- just add some healthier options as well (and don't forget to take your Beauty Body Formula) and your body will thank you later.

2. Plan one activity that will benefit your body

While the game plan may be to retire to the couch and binge-watch endless Netflix episodes or chick-flicks, plan to do one thing that is beneficial for the body. For example, make DIY face masks, treat you and your girlfriends to a in-house mani-pedi, or take the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. There are tons of activities that are fun to do with girlfriends and will also make you feel great. (Not to mention, it will help to balance all the scheduled downtime throughout the night). 

3. Try to end on a positive note


Gossiping with your best friends is a great way to clear your mind, rant about what has been bothering you, and feel as though you just went to a therapist. However, this slumber party can quickly turn into gossiping for endless hours 100% of the night. While it is helpful to talk about the not-so-positive things or people in life, end the conversation by trying to talk about the things you're grateful for. This will leave everyone on a positive note and allow you to hit the hay full of good dreams while also channeling your inner Sleeping Beauty (sipping on your Beauty Sleep Tea, of course). 

Jordan Taffet
Jordan Taffet


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