Nighttime Routine (Fitness) Progress Ruiners

by Christie Cash April 05, 2016

Nighttime Routine (Fitness) Progress Ruiners

 If you kick some serious butt from 8 am to 8 pm—making delicious and healthy meal choices, drinking plenty of water, and tacking an extra set of squats onto your workout because, hey, it just felt right—then you’re definitely on the right track to flaunting that bikini bod at a moment’s notice. However, if your nighttime routine is less-than-stellar, all of the effort you put in during the day could be for naught. Your body repairs itself at night, and if you’re not getting enough quality sleep or overindulging your sweet tooth a bit too close to bedtime, your body can’t care for itself the way it needs to. Why make yourself susceptible to sickness, weight gain, random mood swings, and overall lack of energy if you don’t need to? Prevent poor health by double checking that the following PM habits aren’t the cause of your stalled progress.


Clean Face Club –

It literally takes three minutes to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin. Are you really risking breakouts and premature aging because you can’t spare three minutes? Your skin collects oil, pollutants, and free radicals on top of the makeup you applied that morning, and after six or more hours of mixing together, they create the perfect blend of pore-clogging nastiness. Now consider sleeping in that mask of filth for seven more hours. Pretty, right? If you’re taking your BikiniBOD and reaping the benefits of its Ultimate Beauty Body Formula for gorgeous skin, clearing all of the unnecessary gunk away at the end of the day inhibits irritation, dryness, and potential infection while promoting the glow you strive for.

P.S.- Change your sheets, too! Laying a clean face on a dirty pillowcase is the same as not washing your face at all!

Wipe it Down –

Chatting with your mom, significant other, or best friend right before you hit the sheets is a fun way to catch up and talk about your day. What’s not so great is pressing your phone screen and all of the bacteria it’s collected throughout the day onto your freshly cleansed face. While you chat away, this grime re-infiltrates your already-clean pores. Opt for speakerphone or FaceTime to keep those relationships strong and your skin clear.

Midnight Snacks –

When you’re already having trouble sleeping, heading to the fridge for a snack (or four) is a typical response to hopefully inducing some shut-eye. However, this disruption of your regular eating schedule can seriously disrupt brain function, not only making it harder to fall back asleep but also messing with your memory and cognition when you wake up. Research says that because we are munching on food at the "wrong" time of day, our internal clocks are misaligned and it becomes difficult to function normally. If your late-night snacking is truly due to hunger, leave the ice cream in the back of the freezer and reach for something lighter and more nutrient-rich, like cashews or half a banana. Even better: sip on some Beauty Sleep Tea by BikiniBOD to lull yourself back to sleep with relaxing Magnesium and 5- HTP, and a bit of sweetness to boot!

Work Out, Not Worked Up –

Hitting the sheets after a particularly great workout is one of the best feelings in the world. Just make sure you time your nighttime workouts properly to avoid being too jazzed up to fall asleep at a reasonable time. Exercising within about two hours of bedtime can energize your body so much that it may not be able to wind down when it’s time to turn out the lights. Aim to hit the gym right after work or during your lunch break, if possible, so you still have the time to head home, eat dinner, and relax a little before you’d like to go to sleep. If you’re stuck logging overtime at the office, it’s actually better to skip your workout for the night and go straight home to go to bed rather than squeeze in an already-exhausted round of bicep curls. Let your body get its rest in order to stay on track with your healthy goals for the rest of the week.

Prepare to Succeed -

Failing to plan ahead could be the reason you’re not looking as fabulous as you’d like to in that bikini. Forgetting to pack your lunch or gym gear the night before could lead to grabbing a quick (and most likely calorie-packed) bite wherever you can get it and just hoping it meets your nutritional standards. Haphazardly hunting for your sneakers when you were supposed to meet your workout buddy five minutes ago isn’t exactly an effective use of energy, and you’re missing out on quality sweat time! Put aside one evening a week to prepare your meals so they’re easy to grab and go even on the busiest of mornings. Additionally, lay out everything you’ll need for the following morning before you go to bed, so getting dressed and grabbing your bag is effortless. Failing to plan is planning to fail, so make achieving your BikiniBOD that much easier!


Don’t let bad nighttime habits interfere with how awesome you’re doing the rest of the day. Allowing yourself enjoy a good night's sleep with clear skin and a relaxed mind will make it exciting to take on whatever the following day's challenges are rather than dreadful. Becoming a Bikini Babe is a 24/7 commitment, and one that is definitely worth it when you spend all of that time feeling confident, strong, and capable of accomplishing whatever life throws your way.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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