5 Trends Men Don't Like On Valentine's Day

by Christie Cash February 10, 2016

5 Trends Men Don't Like On Valentine's Day

 Normally, we advocate a ‘You Do You’ policy: exercise to reach your own goals; eat well to feel healthy, and live life in a way that displays your best self. Any other day of the year, we would preach this from the highest step on the stair climber; however, on Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to make the effort for the one who is most likely making a great effort to make the day special for you. Skip the sweaty top knot and the extra swipe of deodorant and show your beau that he caught an all-out babe with a touchable blow-out or spritz of an extra-sexy scent.

What not to do? Go overboard with these five beauty products and trends that guys decidedly are not fans of. The good news is they are Effortlessness Enthusiasts, meaning that they’d rather you spend less time gussying up and more time simply being with you. See what part of your glam routine can go by the wayside in exchange for more flowers, more kisses, and lots and lots of lovin’ this Valentine’s Day.

 Dark Lipstick –


No one wants to be the victim of the dreaded Air Kiss, especially on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, when your lips are coated in a deep, dark plum, you really don’t have many options unless you want to make your man look like he got socked straight in the mouth by a vampire. Dark lips are sexy and mysterious, but guys prefer something a bit lighter and brighter, especially when they have plans to execute a Rom Com-worthy goodnight kiss. Stick to a rose-colored stain or even a bright red-tinted balm: universally flattering, festive, and easy to reapply when that smooch goes off without a hitch.


Shaved Side of the Head –

File this one under Girl Hot. Your fellow Bikini Babes will fawn over your undercut while your boyfriend might be slightly less enthused. The majority of men associate long hair with good health and think a style they can run their fingers through is inherently sexy. A good portion of them find a pixie cut enticing because of the confidence it exudes, but many just don't find shaved heads alluring. If you're in the market to channel your inner Cassie/Scarlett Johansson/Miley Cyrus, wait until February 15 and shave away!


Stiletto-Shaped Nails –


Honestly, as long as your nails look relatively clean, men don’t really notice the intricacies of the manicure process. Gels, acrylics, squoval, cuticle oil, and top coat are terms that they have no interest in or reason to incorporate into their vocabulary, and more often than not, a bit of chipped polish or a broken nail isn't going to be a blip on their radar. One thing they are keen to is how your nails feel when lightly grazing their forearm or when lovingly brushing the hair from their face. If a sharp talon is headed for their eyeball, they are not cool with it. Experimenting with nail lengths and shapes is fun for us and a cool form of self-expression, but it makes men admittedly nervous if they have to worry they're going to get a puncture wound every time they reach for your hand. Keeping nails on the shorter side in a simple rounded or almond shape makes us feel put together and puts them at ease. Win win!


Obviously Drawn-In Eyebrows –

If you’ve over-plucked yourself into an expression of permanent surprise, filling in your brows is a smart idea. Just be mindful of crossing the line from “naturally groomed” to “stenciled with Sharpie,” because guys are not impressed by intricate (and obvious) displays of eyebrow art. The general consensus seems to be that if they notice your brows more than usual, you’ve done too much. If your date is more negatively distracted by what’s above your eyes than the ideas behind them, we wouldn’t dub that a Valentine’s Day Success. Keep the shape natural, invest in a good brow kit (or get them done professionally), and hold off on trying out recent trends like Rainbow Brows until after your loved one leaves.


Intense Contouring –

Put. Down. The Beauty Blender. In a dimly lit restaurant filled with flattering candlelight, there is no need for the help of strategically placed highlighter and bronzer. What’s more, this is the one beauty trend that men are actually aware of, and if you think the telltale line between your jaw and neck isn’t “that” noticeable, think again. If he’s seen you after the gym without a trace of makeup, he’ll be confused about who the girl across the dinner table is wearing a mask of beige and brown, and he won’t like it. Tap concealer on trouble spots and brush on a light layer of foundation, if it makes you feel a little more presentable, but bringing an arsenal of products and 45 minutes of prep time into the mix really isn’t worth it in the long run.


Feeling the love is easy when you’ve got the confidence, the happiness, and the body working for you. With BikiniBOD’s total beauty body formula, including ingredients like Biotin for stronger hair and nails, you already know that your man won’t be able to keep his hands off of you. Just keep it on the simpler side of glam with a kissable pout and a naturally romantic hairstyle, and let the passion of the holiday give you all of the glow you need.

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Christie Cash
Christie Cash


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